Air Fryer Making Noise

Air fryer making noise. The Air Fryer is an awesome kitchen appliance. It cooks food by circulating hot air around it, eliminating the need for grease or oil.

In many ways this makes eating healthier and cooking easier while still keeping food flavorful and intact, but one complaint we hear from a lot of consumers is the noise the fryer can make sometimes due to debris in the base or a loose part among other possible problems.

To prevent your Air Fryer from making noises you should always be sure to thoroughly clean it before using, check that you don’t have any loose parts in there and keep your kitchen open whenever you’re using your Air Fryer!

Air Fryer Making Noise

air fryer making noise 2022 solution

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the issue of rattling noises.

Loose Component

Most of the time if you hear a noise that is greater than the sound of your air fryer, it’s likely caused by a loose component in your device.

Even the slightest loose component will cause an annoying rattling noise. To remedy the situation, turn off your air fryer, clean it out and examine its inner workings to tighten any loose part(s).

If no part seems to be rattling when you turn on your air fryer, inform the manufacturer about what’s going on with your device.

Debris Inside Basket

The rattling noise that might be coming from your air fryer is probably being caused by debris such as food fragments or onion skins.

Another cause for a rattling sound can also be an obstruction in the fan grate or the heating element which will likely get caught onto it and cause a disruption in the airflow which results to friction.

Before you use the air fryer, remove any detritus that may have accumulated inside and after using it, make sure to check if there are still any remnants of food stuck inside.

Due to Not Closing Properly

When rattling noises occur inside your air fryer, it usually results from the metal basket or rack striking the outer shell.

If this happens, be sure to properly close and secure your air fryer before you activate it. Doing so can help prevent future rattling sounds from occurring at any given time.


Is it typical for an air fryer to make a lot of noise?

Well, an air fryer works on the principle of cooking from a combination of convection currents and conduction.

One of the key features is that it uses a powerful and noisy fan to push hot air around the cooking compartment. With their booming and thunderous fans inside them, air fryers are extremely loud as well!

Is it normal for my air fryer to smoke?

If you’ve been using your air fryer regularly to cook frozen foods like French fries, egg rolls or pizza rolls, you might never have had a reason to notice any smoke coming from it.

However, if the inside of your machine begins to overheat for any reason – such as due to malfunction or dust build-up – you may see white and grey vapor wafting outwards.


Air fryers are extremely effective at whatever it is they do and are usually one of the most functional kitchen appliances a person could have. However, on occasion, these machines can begin to make noise especially when used regularly.

A rattling sound can startle their users as if something must be lacking in them or wrong with them. Fortunately, there are simple steps that one can take to fix this issue and ensure that your air fryer is still running as well as the day you bought it!

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