Best bagel slicer for large bagels

Best bagel slicer for large bagels. Bagels make for a wonderful start to the day. Whether you like your bagels plain, lightly spread with cream cheese and jam, or quickly swiped through some peanut butter, the choice is yours!

Either way you’re sure to have a delicious breakfast and it gets even better. To save time in the morning when preparing breakfast we recommend using food slicers.

Slicers are available in different models but all are built with safety in mind and they cut different kinds of foods while maintaining quality control and consistency.

We did a bit of research to find food slicers that would also be suitable for bagels due to their unique texture.

6 Best bagel slicer for large bagels

Here are our reviews on 6 best bagel slicer for large bagels:

1. Hoan Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer

Hoan Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer

It’s a bagel guillotine but it’s unique because of its size. It has more of a micro-sized appeal in that the hand that is holding the guillotine doesn’t have to be large or oversized to utilize this product.

It also means that smaller hands won’t need to do any extra work just to try to gain purchase on them either.

Furthermore, the handles are contoured perfectly so that those who need large hands can use them as well for added leverage and accuracy purposes.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels  is really handy with various types of tasks and recipes. Whether you’re cooking a complex meal where pizza bagels may be necessary or if you’re just making chicken nuggets and French fries.

The option of either slicing the bagel in half or cutting those two halves into four makes this bagel slicer both versatile and useful.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels will be able to assist you in your journey relating to these things! The Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer makes it safe and simple to cut bagels.

Unlike old-fashioned methods, there is no need to place your hand next to the blade while you slice your bagel as the safety shields keep hands at bay.

The cradle allows for a secure fit and will make sure every angle of your delicious bagel is sliced evenly


  • Slices easily
  • Integrated safety shield
  • Sharp and long-lasting


  • Not dishwasher safe

2. MSC International Joie Bagel Slicer

MSC International Joie Bagel Slicer

MSC International 12614 Bagel Slicer is a sleek, compact manual bagel slicer that cuts bagels in two while saving time.

The sharp stainless steel blade is durable and the quality BPA-free plastic frame ensures the long-lasting performance of this product.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels features no handle, which means it slices automatically – leaving your hands free to do other things.

When slicing or cleaning, the finger protectors keep your fingers safe as well as makes for easy cleanup.

MSC International 12614 Bagel Slicer has a classic design that works well with any kitchen décor. This bagel cutter makes a perfect sized round, and the blades are sharp enough to cut through bagels of most sizes.

It’s easy to use and clean, though it does take a few tries to make sure your bread is centered properly for even cutting. The design could be more streamlined with some more thought put into it.

Additionally, this best bagel slicer for large bagels comes with automatic slicing. The motorized blade is powered using electricity and rotates around the vertical axis between two slots to make uniform cuts of bread.

It can be used not only for bread, but also for cakes and a variety of other foods.


  • Automatically slices
  • A strong and stable foundation
  • Compact Design


  • The plastic body appears to be thinner

3. TableTop King Commercial Bagel Slicer

TableTop King Commercial Bagel Slicer

The Bagel Blade’s line of bagel slicers is extremely efficient. A person never wants to eat a bagel that’s still uncut after the first bite!

Not only does it make the eating process take longer, but it can also become dangerous.

This bagel slicer cuts the bagels perfectly, using its serrated blade with multiple layers to guarantee enjoyable use every day.

Additionally, this best bagel slicer for large bagels is made with non-stick steel while being easy to clean and simple to use. First you will open up the transparent outer casing before sliding a hardened breakfast snack into the cradle.

The ingenious handle then drops down on its own while cutting without having to be manually guided.

One should note that there is an acrylic safety guard separating their fingers from the knife which lets users see how the slicing process works incase they are unfamiliar with using such a product in the home kitchen area!

Their crystal clear shields give you the opportunity to view their pastries’ brilliance and protect your fingers from getting injured during removal.

Their unique grips are non-slip so they can easily move them all around while maintaining a firm hold during use.

Additionally, they have compact bodies that ensure small counter and storage spaces are not wasted and they’re also very easy to clean – as simple as pulling it apart into two simple pieces!


  • Comfortable Grip
  • Easy to use
  • The blade is strong and sharp


  • Cleaning the rough spots is difficult

4. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer

Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer

This bagel slicer will speed up the process of cutting through one piece of bread into two perfectly even pieces and without exerting too much effort.

Its blade is so durable and sharp that it can cut through any food item in half with minimum stretching.

The cutting surface on this bagel slicer is serrated, which helps offer a strong grip to prevent displacement and slipping or sliding during cutting.

The bagel slicer has protective shields covering the blade to keep your fingers safe if you accidentally lose grip of the tool.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels also comes with slots that are different from others available, making it useful for slicing different thicknesses of bread, buns, rolls, muffins, etc.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels was designed to let you comfortably, conveniently and efficiently cut any bagel in half without compromising it’s overall shape.

It’s easy to use! Simply lift the blade, place your bagel inside for a snug fit, then lower the blade back down.

This non-stick, mess-free and dishwasher safe blade makes cutting up your breakfast quick and convenient without fail.


  • Compact design
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Easy to use


  • The blade appears to dull quickly

5. Koozam Bagel Slicer

Koozam Bagel Slicer

The Bagel Guillotine Koozam makes cutting bagels in half a piece of bread! It slices the tops and bottoms off just by placing your pre-delicious bagel within its cradle and then sliding the blade across.

The Bagel Guillotine Koozam boasts a double safety shield that keeps fingers away from the razor-sharp blades.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels features serrated cutters to evenly slice through even the toughest bagels, and it also has an Xylan-coated stainless steel blade for smooth slicing down the road and good times.

Another great feature about this slicer is that it can hold homemade and store-bought bagels without mashing them together or missing chunks which makes it ideal for those who really enjoy eating bagels.

Additionally make sure you consider getting a sufficiently wide bagel slicer if you want to cut larger products as some people prefer larger boiled bagels which means their stores also sell them this way.

While not every store sells jumbo bagels simply ask your local baker if they do (or even request them).


  • Easy to use
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Easy to Clean


  • The blade quickly becomes blunt

6. Homeries Bagel Slicer

Best bagel slicer for large bagels in 2022

This brand of bagel slicer can create eight different slices unlike any other I’ve seen that is on the market today.

The number of slices it creates will vary based on how thick or thin you like your bagel chips or crunchy eclairs.

It’s specifically designed for home use so you know that it’s safe and reliable, which is always a pleasant thing to count on when keeping knives by your side.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels has been crafted from a durable material to ensure years of service, and it even comes with a bag so you can store it away safely anywhere you choose.

Whether you’re slicing some bread into croutons for potato salad, creating perfect fettuccine noodles to go with dinner, or making chip-style bagels for serving with various snacks like sunflower seeds and raisins.

This best bagel slicer for large bagels can take care of all your needs quickly and efficiently without costing much at all in relation to what would be expected in the world of kitchen tools these days.

Designed to sustain a heavy use and daily wear, this bagel slicer has an ultra-sharp stainless blade and is also made with a robust body to last for years.

It’s obvious why it is such a perfect choice in bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants and bagel shops, allowing you to get the most out of this convenient tool! As always be sure to air dry after cleaning.


  • Simple to use
  • Finger protection
  • Sharp and serrated edges


  • None

Buying Guide – Best bagel slicer for large bagels

Sometimes, cooking can be a real struggle, not least when you must cut bagels. There are so many different designs and styles on the market at this time that it’s difficult to know where to start.

This is why we’ve taken the time to explore each type so that your decision making process is an absolute breeze.

Here are a few things to look out for in the best bagel slicer for large bagels that you wish to purchase:

Size and Design

The main aspect you should focus on is the design of the bagel slicers. It speaks about most of its components, such as usability, size and ease of storage.

The most common one that you’ll find in stores is the guillotine bagel slicer. It requires minimal effort and provides smooth performance, given that it features a higher quality construction.

Other designs that you might come across include bagel bases made of varying materials like wood, plastic or acrylic and although they are good and easy to use, they do require a separate knife for cutting purposes.

Another style is where you can use the bagel slicer as a knife but with the added safety of guards around it.

In this manner it’s relatively safer than using just bare knives which is not advisable to be honest – especially in domestic environments.


It is important to choose a slicer that you can use for years, rather than just a few months. However, it is impractical to choose something that is extremely expensive.

The best bagel slicer will be one with high-quality blades, no matter what the material used in making the other parts of the product.

One way to determine this is by looking at the reputation of the brand and by reading customer reviews.

Another effective way is by checking if there are any certifications that are present, as a quality product will always have them.

You should also check if it made out of our recommended materials like wood, metal, or plastic for its body.

Sharp Blade and Safety

Toward the top portion of safety features list, the blade of a bagel slicer is quite sharp, which is likely to harm your fingers at some point in time.

Typically, you can tell if a blade is sturdily designed by checking out the utensil’s handle that must be built with hand resistance for extra protection.

Alternatively, some blades come covered with guards to avoid any sort of contact during slicing and cleaning.

However, with this said, it is important to pay attention because these tips are not valid for all possible types of bagel slicers on the market, so ensure you pick one up that will get rid of your worries as far as safety goes.


Is it worthwhile to invest in bagel slicers?

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to slice your bagel, look no further! Don’t settle for a knife when you can have a bagel slicer designed to do the job quickly, evenly, and without getting your hands greasy or making crumbs all over the kitchen.

It’s especially important to consider using a bagel slicer if you’re short on space in your small kitchen for storing those bulky old bread knives. Our recommendations are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and very versatile.

What is the best way to cut a bagel without it crumbling?

To efficiently cut through a bagel, lay it flat on the counter or cutting board. This will give you more control over your knife and prevent it from slipping up or down in an attempt to scoop out every last bite.

With your dominant hand, place a serrated knife at the center of the bagel’s side so that the knife is parallel to the flat side of the bagel.

How come bagels aren’t cut in half?

They like to keep the two separate bagels together. It’s a way of making sure that any taste-matching or pairing errors with other half of another bagel will be avoided because they’ll already be in their proper relationship and dining companions before serving time.


Best bagel slicer for large bagels. Bagel slicers can make the job of slicing bagels much easier and faster. Otherwise, people might find themselves slicing bagels by hand, which takes a lot more time. There are many options for bagel slicers. We hope you can find one that works well for you, no matter what your preferences might be!

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