Best blender for ice and frozen fruit

Best blender for ice and frozen fruit. Blenders are very important in our daily life, especially because of the benefits they bring to a household.

A good blender can help prepare nutritious and healthy drinks and smoothies for your family and guests.

Investing in good quality smoothie blenders can give you many benefits, such as safety, ease of use and cleaning, durability, spare parts availability and low costs, not to mention just overall better quality for your drinks.

If you need to make some delicious frozen cocktails but you never had the perfect blender before to do it with, investing in one that’s right for you is extremely important!

If you’re reading this whole guide and getting excited just looking at all the colorful images of frozen fruit smoothies and delicious recipes, we want to stop you right there.

Choose a blender carefully because it’s what will make the difference between healthy, tasty smoothies and raw ice chunks.

6 Best Blender For Ice And Frozen Fruit

1. Vitamix Best cheap blender for frozen fruit

best cheap blender for frozen fruit

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit is a professional blender designed for ordinary consumers. It comes in either pearl-grey or black and is equipped with a 5-speed control system as well as pulse mode.

Depending on the settings you choose, the glass can be washed easily. Furthermore, the blender features a program that enables you to know exactly when it’s time to wash it – that’s incredibly practical!

Other blenders for ordinary consumers tend to come in much bigger containers, but the Professional Series blender by Vitamix has a 64-ounce container.

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit is a great option if you’re looking to achieve great results in less blending time! Blending frozen drinks can sometimes be a burden and even frustrating with some blenders but this one will help you decrease your blending time.

If space is limited, this blender comes equipped with an extra large pitcher so you can offer a beverage to as many guests as you like without worrying about not having enough room for more blends or drinks.

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit container set is great for blending not only frozen fruits, but also a variety of other meals and beverages such as purees, desserts, and hot soup.

If you want the greatest quality in terms of both value and warranty, this best blender for ice and frozen fruit is the product to get.

2. Ninja Best food processing blender

best food processing blender

The Ninja Professional Blender & Nutri Ninja Cups (BL660) is a true kitchen technology achievement that meets the needs of producing deliciously nutritious dishes or drinks for you and your entire family!

The Total Crushing blades on the BL660 slice through ice and frozen produce in seconds for consistent crushing, blending, and controlled processing.

Because of its XL 72-ounce jar size, it can easily handle greater quantities of ingredients at a time, allowing you to produce creamy frozen beverages and delectable smoothies for the whole family!

Furthermore, its 16-oz. Nutri Ninja cups with to-go lids are excellent companions to the XL jar size because they allow you to easily transport blended concoctions while on the move.

Furthermore, all parts of this best blender for ice and frozen fruit are BPA-free and dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze! If you like your frozen treats on the icy side, then this comes with the exclusive 6-blade assembly in combination with a spiral freezing feature that brings together thick frozen drinks in a flash.

And if it’s making smoothies and blended drinks you prefer, all you have to do is pop any standard sized cup into the Nutri bullet then close the flip top lid and fire away!

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit will break down whole ingredients as well as pulverize seeds and skins with ease so that all that remains is pure liquid nutrition.

3. Hamilton best small blender for frozen fruit

best small blender for frozen fruit

If you’re looking for a high quality blender that does not cost a lot of money, look no further than Hamilton Beach.

The Hamilton Beach is a simple, easy to use product that’s perfect for frozen drinks, shakes and smoothies amongst other recipes.

This smoothie maker is a modern device that has everything you need to make perfect large-batch meals.

It has 12 distinct functions and five simple buttons, as well as an unbreakable pouring spout that is ideal for all types of liquids, including soups and slushy drinks.

For consistently smooth results, the Wave Action mechanism draws mixes down into the blades. Ice Sabre Blades crush ice for optimum texture, and an useful pulse feature adds texture to prep bowls in seconds.

This blender has a 700-watt engine but don’t let that put you off as this powerful engine is capable of making even the toughest ingredients tumble gently allowing you to achieve consistent results every time!

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit pitcher is made from heavy duty and non-toxic glass. Because of this, you can expect no BPA contamination to occur in your life.

The jar itself is BPA free as well and features a unique patented spout that allows for easy pouring and mess-free fun.

Your blending experience will be enhanced with the patented wave action technology which makes sure the ingredients are blended each time – not just the first time!

When it comes to cleaning up, you don’t have to worry about finding tools to wash it by yourself. This best blender for ice and frozen fruit is safe for use with other utensils when in the dishwasher because they’re all made of glass, as well.

4. COSORI Best portable blender for frozen fruit

best portable blender for frozen fruit

Whether you’re aiming to make well-blended protein or green smoothies, there’s no better product to help you make your favorite drink than this blender.

The Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO comes with an integrated diamond blending system which optimizes for a consistent outcome in up to five different blending methods.

Whether you want to stir, chop, mix or liquify, the powerful Intelli-Speed Motor Control will quickly sense the contents within and adjust blending to the optimal speed setting for smooth and efficient results.

If you love your drinks well-blended but don’t like it when they come out too pulverized and fine, try out the pulse mode instead!

This blender’s capacity is 70 oz., making it large and versatile enough to handle the toughest jobs. In fact, it can mix even the thickest ingredients together!

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit includes a BPA-Free patented Diamond Pitcher that is shatter-, scratch, and stain-resistant, not to mention dishwasher compatible.

Offering 1,500 watts of power and a commercial-grade 2 HP motor with lots of grinding power, it can also prepare milkshakes, ice cream, whole fruit, frozen ingredients and more.

The build quality is great – so this blender will last you a long time! You no longer have to worry about not having the right tools for making your food recipes.

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit has a Soup Function and Pulse Feature so you’re in control of everything going into your blended concoctions.

The great thing is, because this best blender for ice and frozen fruit has variable speed control, you can adjust the strength & duration of the blending power that ends up in your food.

5. Oster Best budget blender for frozen fruit

best budget blender for frozen fruit

The Oster Counterforms 7-Speed blender can provide you with control over the texture of the smoothies you make.

Add ingredients to the blender jar, set your preferred speed, and watch as this reliable tool makes your smoothie its own creation which can range from creamy and icy to light and fruity depending on the setting you’ve chosen.

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit has some incredible features like Smart Settings Technology which will monitor how much food is in the blender jar and adjust its settings accordingly so that you always get a perfect product!

This wonderful appliance has a 16-inch cord which means it’s easy to use while prepping ingredients in another area of your kitchen or making yourself comfortable at the breakfast bar.

As an added bonus, this blender comes with a shatter-proof lid – great for taking on days when you are feeling especially energetic and there are a few more ingredients to add!

Another great feature of this Oster blender is its “reverse” switch. This allows the blades to spin in both directions, and can have a variety of uses.

For example, it’s an easy way to break up frozen fruit when making milkshakes and smoothies – but it can also be used for recipes that call for a food processor instead like chopping nuts for pesto.

This best blender for ice and frozen fruit comes with a 6-Cup Boroclass Glass Jar and a 2-ounce filler cap with measure markings.

While some reviewers had troubles cleaning their blender jar and lid, many say they loved how easy it was to do so once they got the hang of it. The Oster Counterforms 7-Speed Blender is dishwasher safe.

6. Blendtec Best blender for frozen fruit smoothies

best blender for ice and frozen fruit in 2022

When it comes to the Blendtec blender, what makes it so special is its design. The company has a good standing when it comes to making high-quality blenders.

There are many reasons as to why their products work really well and one of them is because they use industrial-grade motors in them to accomplish any blending task with ease.

As for this best blender for ice and frozen fruit, there are six pre-programmed settings that allow you blend frozen yogurts, milkshakes, syrups, fondues, dips, sauces and batter quickly and efficiently.

For example: the 612 horsepower motor that achieves an incredible speed of up to 29,000 RPM can make even the toughest job seem like a piece of cake.

Additionally, the classic blender offered by Blendtec comes with a vertical blending blade which has its special feature – the wingtips and vortex technology.

This means you can easily blend more difficult kinds of ingredients to ultimate quality since it blends while pulling everything in towards the blade.

Even though this best blender for ice and frozen fruit is one of the most highly-acclaimed blenders on the market, Blendtec is still going head-on against Vitamix since its products are typically a bit more expensive than average blenders of similar quality.

Why You Need A Blender For Frozen Fruit

It will not be an overstatement to say that most everyone loves frozen desserts. Whether you like it with marshmallows or shaved chocolate, there is always a way to make it extra special in the kitchen.

These days, with so many variations of ice cream and fro-yo, there is no shortage of creative desserts!

Not only do we know that for all kinds of great snacks, having a blender for frozen fruit handy will help you blend your shakes just right in no time.

But if you are feeling adventurous and want to make healthy baby food for your little tyke who has just started eating solids, whipping up a homemade puree might just be what you need from your kitchen appliances.

The best part about blenders for frozen fruits however is that they come with fun colors and features like a never fail motor (so it makes light work of those tough ingredients) or new ways to pour and serve plus the ease of cleaning afterwards!

Buying Guide – Best blender for ice and frozen fruit

As mentioned at the beginning, not all blenders that are on the market are made for crushing ice or frozen fruits, but there are quite a few that are.

It should be mentioned however, that many of them will require some extra water to do the trick while still others can handle dry ice too.

Still in any case among the four key things below you want to make sure of when looking for an ice-crushing blender is:

Motor Power

When blending ice, you want to be sure that the blender you’re using is powerful. Ice tends to break down the motor of a standard blender and if you want frozen treats that are smooth and creamy, motor strength is crucial.

With a 900-watt engine, even though you won’t be making meals for an army, fiber-filled shakes and smoothies will be yours for the taking.


Another thing that you need to make sure happens is that no ingredients remain unblended. It can be very frustrating to put in so much effort only to find chunks of ice floating around in the smoothie.

The best kitchen blenders tend to employ a vortex or cyclone blending style, which means they’ll create a whirlwind of sorts with blades that rotate at a high speed in the middle – pulling everything down into the rotating edges until they become liquefied!

Multiple Speed

Sometimes while blending ice you might encounter the unexpected, and the blender might start to vibrate. It will be a great advantage to have a sturdy blender if you are planning to use it for making frozen drinks or other blended items that require lots of power.

So in these instances, it is wise to buy a high-performance model as they are designed with more stability which often absorbs vibrations.


Is it possible to blend frozen fruit in a blender?

While delicious and simple to make, people sometimes put frozen produce in their juicer. This can result in an un-pure juice with ice chunks when the juicer runs because it doesn’t contain the proper amount of liquid for full cleansing.

But there’s an easy work around: simply put leaves of leafy greens like dandelion in water before blending or add fruit which have lower freezing points such as berries! You will be surprised at how much smoother your juice will turn out.

Is it possible to utilise ice and frozen fruit in a NutriBullet?

Some berries are softer than others and don’t need to be defrosted. However, frozen fruit is harder than fresh fruit and may need to be softened up a bit in the NutriBullet first.

The larger models can easily handle frozen ingredients, but smaller models are better suited for mostly-fresh ingredients.

Why isn’t my blender blending frozen fruit?

Make sure to be mindful of the order in which ingredients are added when blending smoothies as a blender can become jammed by frozen fruit and ice is blended into thick yogurt, or any other solid ‘base-liquid’, such as water, juice, or milk. Please keep this in mind when making your smoothie recipe!


Best blender for ice and frozen fruit. When getting a blender most people don’t realize just how many factors actually come into play such as brand, motor speed, looks and more. This can make buying a blender quite confusing since there are so many different viewpoints on which one is the best let alone the right one for you. That’s why in order to answer that question you need a guide. We’ve written up this article to help consumers navigate through their options and find which type of blender is right for them.

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