Best latte cups for latte art

Best latte cups for latte art. Latte art has become an integral part of the coffee culture, adding an aesthetic and delightful touch to our favorite caffeinated beverages.

Whether you’re a professional barista or a coffee enthusiast who enjoys creating latte art at home, having the right latte cups can make a significant difference in achieving beautiful and intricate designs. The best latte cups for latte art are specifically designed to enhance your latte art skills, providing the ideal canvas for pouring steamed milk and espresso to create stunning patterns and designs.

We will explore some of the top latte cups available in the market that are favored by baristas and coffee aficionados alike. We will discuss their features, materials, and design elements that contribute to an exceptional latte art experience. So, let’s delve into the world of latte cups and discover the perfect vessel to elevate your latte art creations to the next level.

6 Best latte cups for latte art




Norpro Ceramic Latte Cups

Sweese Porcelain Latte Cups

Coffeezone Coffee Latte Cup

Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Latte Cup

Bodum Bistro double wall Latte Cup

Cuisivin Caffé Collection Latte Cup

1. Norpro Ceramic Latte Cups

Norpro Ceramic Latte Cups

Norpro makes a wide range of mugs and jars, including my favorite: the My Favorite Jumbo Mug.

This best latte cups for latte art is perfect for drinking lattes or any drink that requires milky foam on top.

The mug’s 16-ounce liquid capacity has enough room for plenty of milk to produce thick, tall milk foam without overloading.

The bowl’s construction accommodates regular sized milk or premium coffee creamer for an extra-thick drink with rich flavor and beautiful latte art!

This best latte cups for latte art is an ideal size for making large quantities of a single beverage or serving a group of people.

The cup’s large size means you need less of it to produce the right amount of your favorite beverage. This is an ideal solution for those who want to make a big batch of coffee or cereal and save time by using one mug instead of multiple smaller mugs.

The Norpro Ceramic Latte Cups are elegant and trendy, offering a perfect shape for every spoonful. These cups come with a handle that makes it easy to enjoy your drinks in comfort.

You will be able to enjoy your coffee, cappuccino, tea or hot cocoa without having to worry about it spilling out of the cup.

  • Adorable

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • White gets dirty quickly

2. Sweese Porcelain Latte Cups

Sweese Porcelain Latte Cups

If you want to start a collection of latte mugs, but don’t want to spend a fortune, Sweese Porcelain Latte Cups are an excellent choice.

These colorful cups are made from top-quality real porcelain and have a rather large capacity for their size.

They can be safely put in the dishwasher or microwave and can be used for both hot and cold beverages, making them an ideal choice for a quality coffee mug gift idea.

The Sweese Porcelain Latte Cups are a great way to enjoy your favorite beverage. Made from durable porcelain, they are fine to hand wash.

The 10 liquid ounce capacity allows you to enjoy several cups of coffee or tea at once and the stackable design allows for easy storage when not in use.

Sweese Porcelain Latte Cups are made from porcelain and joined together with a patented technology that can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

As such, these best latte cups for latte art are ideal for restaurants, cafes, home and more! Cool and stylish, the sleek design of the Swee Porcelain Latte cups is simple yet sophisticated.

Will make your morning more pleasant. These 12 cavity cups are hand-friendly and 14oz in size. There are three color options for you to choose from: red, blue and gold.

These porcelain coffee cups can be wrapped around saucers or stacked together to save space.

  • Giftable

  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to clean
  • None

3. Coffeezone Coffee Latte Cup

Coffeezone Coffee Latte Cup

The CoffeeZone cup has a unique design that makes it the perfect cup for making latte art.

The design is one of a kind and has been developed especially to create designs with ease while creating the perfect latte art presentation.

The features that make this cup perfect for this task are its thick rim, brushed stainless steel construction and rounded bottom base.

Coffeezone Latte Cup is an adult beverage you can enjoy to ensure that you have your morning coffee included in your meals.

This best latte cups for latte art is a cup and saucer set, but it is a bit more expensive than others on the market. The Latte Cup from the Coffeezone is a really cool product.

It’s made from bone China and is thicker than your regular coffee cup. Some people like that it is insulated. The Coffeezone Latte Cup is the perfect stainless steel cup for any coffee drinker.

They are made from a quality silver lined construction that ensures your latte won’t spill in your car or on your office desk.

These best latte cups for latte art are very durable, withstanding temperatures of up to 230°F. They come in a variety of colors and can also be used for cold drinks.

  • Sturdiness

  • Easy to clean

  • Dishwasher-safe

  • Its recommended to hand washing

4. Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Latte Cup

Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Latte Cup

The Royal Doulton Coffee Cup Studio collection features a selection of ceramic coffee cups and mugs for home brewing.

The coffee sets feature beautiful glaze designs and a seamless finish, which makes them look like pieces from your favorite ceramic furniture set.

Royal Doulton’s new Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Latte Cup is the perfect complement to your morning brew.

With its sophisticated rich, dark colorways and satin double dipped glazes reminiscent of the coolest coffee bars and your favourite hangouts, this cup is sure to make a statement in any room.

Royal Doulton’s Coffee Studio Latte Cup is a unique piece of art that can be used with ease. The cup has a three-dimensional ramekin shape which keeps the coffee warm while it cools at the same time.

You can taste your drink and enjoy it while looking at the gorgeous decoration above the cup or on the wall behind it.

These best latte cups for latte art look so good you might want to show it off, but keep one close to you so you always have one handy for when you require coffee!

The Royal Doulton Coffee Studio Latte Cup is a vessel designed to handle the grittiness of a slow brew latte.

The combination of high quality, fine bone china and robust stainless steel means that your coffee will be perfectly portioned, served and then maintained at the optimum temperature throughout.

  • Durability
  • Giftable
  • Easy to hold
  • Expensive

5. Bodum Bistro double wall Latte Cup

Bodum Bistro double wall Latte Cup

The Bistro Double Wall Glasses start with 9.5 ounce heat resistant borosilicate glass. This glass is dishwasher safe, microwave safe and also has a food-grade coating.

The double walled construction greatly increases the insulating properties of this glass by creating a layer between your beverage and the outside air.

This best latte cups for latte art not only helps keep your drink hotter or colder but also protects your hands from burns if they accidentally touch a hot drink while you are holding it in your hand.

Bodum’s Double Wall Glasses are made from a combination of double-walled glass and silicone, making them leak-proof, heatproof, and shatter-resistant.

Compatible with hot and cold liquids alike, air pressure inside the inner glass layer will equalize with that outside.

This creates a seal between two glasses so that liquids will never pass through. Every Bistro Double Latte Cup is mouth-blown by expert artist glassblowers, in accordance with the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Each cup is carefully crafted by hand for superior strength, durability and mechanical resistance to thermal expansion and contraction of temperature changes. It is designed for use in coffee shops and restaurants.

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to clean

  • Easy to hold

  • None

6. Cuisivin Caffé Collection Latte Cup

Best latte cups for latte art in 2023

The Cuisivin Cafe Latte Cup is an affordable and practical way of enjoying high-quality coffee every time.

These espresso cups are made of high-quality materials and will not fracture or crack under pressure, making them more hygienic than their ceramic alternatives.

While they are a little more expensive than the similarly sized paper cups, these superior cups will not leave any aftertaste or leave the bleached taste that paper can give your coffee.

These best latte cups for latte art are highly practical and enticing design that offers a sleek and sophisticated look to match your needs and style.

By having notches on its base, this cup enables you to easily mix the coffee grinds with the hot water to get the perfect taste and smell of your coffee.

Moreover, its top handle offers you a firm grip so it does not slip from your hands after being filled up with coffee.

The Cuisivin Caffé Collection Latte Cup Set has been made of glass, which makes it elegant and stylish. Moreover, the cups feature a beautiful gold tone which adds a touch of class to any dinner table.

The cups are lined to prevent your glassware from breaking if they should be knocked over with the solid base adding extra stability.

  • Simple design

  • Comfortable grip

  • Stylish

  • None

Buying Guide – Best latte cups for latte art

While looking for the best latte cups for latte art, there are a few factors to take into account. The following are some of the most important considerations:


The ideal cappuccino cup size is seven ounces, but if you plan on making other coffee drinks like lattes, it’s better to go for a size that can hold around 10 ounces.

This way, you’ll have enough room for the additional milk without having your coffee spill over.


The cups on our list are constructed from various substances, including glass, stoneware, bone china, and professional-grade porcelain.

Although each has advantages, the best material for your cups will ultimately depend on how frequently you intend to use them.

Look for something more robust, like stoneware, tempered glass, or porcelain, if you want cups that can be used frequently and last longer.

Something more delicate, like bone china or glass, would be appropriate if you only need them for special occasions.


The perfect latte cup should have a larger rim and a narrower base to accommodate the mouthwatering milk foam on top. But it might be difficult to find the best style for you when so many variations are available.

It depends on your particular preferences and how you want to use them. Perhaps you would like cups that match the design of your other dishware if you were shopping for cups for everyday usage. Bone china cups and saucers might be preferable for more formal settings.


Which cup is appropriate for a latte?

You’ll need to use a wide latte cup to make latte art. These cups are round and have a wide surface area, giving the barista more space to create their design. You can find these cups at your local coffee shop.

How big of a cup should a latte be?

An 11 to 15-ounce cup with a broader bowl shape is typically used to serve lattes. A latte mug provides extra space to add coffee flavors, plant-based milk, or latté art without overflowing your beverage.

Additionally, the wide cup’s form makes it simple for you or a barista to add steamed milk to espresso cleanly.

Why doesn’t my milk produce latte art?

The perfect texture for steamed milk is key to making a great latte – it should be bubbly but not too thin or thick.

If the consistency is off, you won’t be able to pour tight, well-defined patterns. My tip is to make sure the milk looks like melted ice cream before you pour it into your cup.

How hot should milk be heated for lattes?

Many people think that to get good milk froth for their lattes, the milk must be heated to a really high temperature.

However, this isn’t the case! For the best results, milk should only be heated to around 130-150 °F. If you heat it past this point, the milk might still taste sweet, but the foam will become firmer, and too much air in it.


The best latte cups for latte art should have a suitable size, shape, and material to enhance your pouring and showcase intricate designs. Consider ceramic, porcelain, or glass options with features like a wide mouth, gentle slope, and comfortable handle. Selecting a high-quality latte cup will elevate your latte art skills and allow you to create visually stunning designs with ease.

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