Best mini travel electric kettle

Best mini travel electric kettle. For coffee or tea drinkers, these detailed reviews of travel kettles can be very beneficial.

Travelling doesn’t have to be a hassle and it is going to be more enjoyable if you are prepared for what is going on around you.

One aspect that many people often overlook is providing water for hot beverages while on-the-go.

Those who love drinking their morning cup of coffee and tea while travelling may not be aware that they often don’t have access to the right equipment which can make them feel like they’re out of luck!

Luckily everyone who loves a hot beverage and is forced to drink their favorite hot drink in an area without proper equipment need not worry.

Because today we’re going to provide you with information about some of the best travel kettles and what makes them different from each other ensuring that anyone reading this article has no trouble finding one that fits their needs perfectly.

6 Best mini travel electric kettle

Here are 6 best mini travel electric kettle reviews:

1. Gourmia Foldable Electric Kettle

Gourmia Foldable Electric Kettle

The Gourmia GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle comes with a few additional features to make your life easier: Speed Boil, Sensor Shutoff and Lid-Lock.

The collapsible design makes it very portable and easy to store if you’re in a hurry. It includes a lid lock – so no need to worry about water spilling everywhere while it’s being transported.

There is also an Integrated spout filter attached so that the water can flow smoothly out of the kettle’s spout itself when pouring into a cup or mug! It’s recommended that you handle this product with care, however.

The chrome ring around the base gets very hot when the kettle is left on for over 5 minutes – so be sure to use an insulated material when handling it as soon as it has been turned off!

Gourmia’s GK360 Travel Foldable Electric Kettle is the best product you can buy in regards to bringing your coffee to the perfect brewing temperature while on the road.

This best mini travel electric kettle provides a safe secure way of keeping your kettle closed as it boils, and with having a secure handle you won’t run the risk of getting scalded or burned should someone accidentally  brush up against it.

The fact that this is entirely made out of food grade materials, and therefore won’t absorb any sort of odors or tastes, makes this possible without a doubt! It may be small but it’s definitely worth its price!


  • Small and portable
  • Simple toggle switch
  • Collapsible design


  • The chrome ring at the bottom can become extremely hot

2. Bodum Electric Water Kettle

Bodum Electric Water Kettle

The Bodum BISTRO Water Kettle is an excellent little travel kettle for commuters with limited counter space or want to save space in general.

It’s uniquely designed so that no matter what you are cooking, preparing and getting ready from breakfast on up to simple hot drinks during cold winter months, the stainless steel lid allows for easy filling and pouring without exposing the kettle to steam.

No other travel kettle designs have this feature. It is also a petite 4 x 7 x 7.75 inches which allows it to fit under your bed, couch or in your desk drawers saving you a lot of precious counter real estate while still providing you with the ability to fill it up under a faucet at home or on the go with ease!

This best mini travel electric kettle features a high tech water level indicator that is easy to read because it comes in the shape of a fish. It also has push button power and shut off so that you’re never over boiled.

The Kettle has two cups or one liter capacity, which is enough room to make batter for cookies and sugar cookies.

The Kettle’s spout makes cleanup simple because of its ribbon-shaped base which ensures that batter flows smoothly without hassle.

And best of all, it comes with handy measurement indicators so you can make as much batter as needed without having to awkwardly lift the kettle off the base!


  • Fast Boiling
  • Black color look modern
  • Easy to use


  • None

3. Ultrathin Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

Ultrathin Travel Foldable Electric Kettle

This awesome little travel kettle is made from food-grade, rust-proof, PBA-free material and has a heavy duty lid.

The ultra thin design makes this perfect for use while traveling and it folds flat with a foldable handle included to make it easy to carry.

Insert the kettle with water that can be boiled within 3 to 5 minutes as well as a detachable power cord.

So you don’t have to deal with a loud kettle that jiggles on your kitchen countertop taking up too much space – instead you can simply place this in any cupboard or stack it away neatly in the cupboard.

Super easy to use, just press the button, then water will be boiled in 3-5 minutes. The temperature of the boiling water can be adjusted according to your needs.

Once the preset temperature is below 75 degrees, the kettle will automatically switch to energy saving mode.

You can separate power cord and handle from kettle body, more convenient for you to store it and unimpeded for you to pour water without interruptions.

This Kettle is great for getting the perfect cup of tea while at home or on the road. Boil water quicker, safer and easier than ever before with no need to stand and watch thanks to its automatic switch off feature, which is handy when you’re in a hurry.

With the addition of an illuminated power indicator, be sure that it’s ready to go when you are! And if you simply aren’t in the mood for tea, just turn off the steam nozzle – no more splattered water everywhere.


  • Easy to use
  • Great Looking
  • Good quality


  • None

4. GOOTRADES Foldable Portable Kettle

GOOTRADES Foldable Portable Kettle

This 1.7 quart collapsible kettle is a portable option for folks traveling with little or no space.

The silicone carry loop attached to the lid allows you to hook it onto things like clothing so that you can have easy access to your boiling water while hiking, camping or at other outdoor events.

But there are also other uses – such as brewing coffee in the wilderness or even coming in handy while cooking on boats!

This best mini travel electric kettle features 1700W of power, an adjustable temperature button that heats your water anywhere between 80-100 degrees, and a boil dry feature plus auto shut off.

It’s also very easy to fill with just the push of a button on top of the lid. This collapsible kettle could save more space in your traveling package and make your travel more convenient.

Also, it can be separated from the power cord to continue using when there is no electric power and magnetic bottom also can prevent kuded to stop running when pours a cup of water.

The kettle is suitable for many occasions, such as travel, business office, outdoor picnic, staying at the hotel, reading leisure, entertainment dinner. It is simple to use and very effective at its intended purpose.


  • Adorable Looking
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight


  • It takes some time to fully boil

5. Brentwood Collapsible Travel Kettle

Brentwood Collapsible Travel Kettle

This powerful little travel kettle has been made with the needs of travelers in mind.

Built from strong silicone, this best mini travel electric kettle can withstand hard use making it a great investment for being on the go!

The collapsible design and stainless steel heat plate mean that it will boil water up to ten times faster than some electric kettles.

With both the body and handle able to collapse for your convenience, it can be neatly stored away when not in use – you can even take advantage of this feature during transportation in suitcases or backpacks.

Brentwood Appliances believes in helping you live healthy and sustain a more wholesome diet and lifestyle.

Preparing food at home is not only a way to bring friends and family together, but also a way give us the control we need to ensure the meals we make use quality ingredients.

Since for over years Brentwood has been committed to providing you with high-quality small kitchen appliances so that we can all take advantage of home cooked meals as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.


  • Collapsible design
  • Faster
  • Good Quality


  • The plug isn’t as well-made as the rest of the kettle

6. Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Kettle

Best mini travel electric kettle in 2022

This Cordless Water Kettle is capable of delivering 1.0 liters of water in just about 3 minutes or less and we know how much time is valuable for you as a busy entrepreneur!

This best mini travel electric kettle features a Concealed Heating element with an automatic shutoff and boil-dry protection for your added comfort.

This device makes it easy to fill as well as serve your boiled water with ease, Although it runs on a small plugin power base, the cord can be wrapped around the base when not in use so that it may be kept out of sight.

Overall, the integrated cord wrap design lets this kettle to be stored more efficiently than its leading competitors which helps save space at home or in the office.

This 1500watt unit quickly brings water to a boil, just like any other kettle. However, because it has a concealed heating element carafe, this kettle is useful for making coffee, tea, hot cocoa, instant soups, etc.

Simply heat up the water on your stove burner or in the microwave and pour it into the boiling chamber.

Then walk away from your kitchen until the water begins to boil and watch as the kettle turns itself off automatically once boiled.

This best mini travel electric kettle includes a handy water level window so you can check on how much water you have in there at any given time (or not).

It also includes an auto shut-off valve with an anti-drip tip that prevents burning and drips when removing your kettle from its base to drink out of.

Last but not least, we have included a 30in power cord that allows you to move your kettle around easily while being plugged into its base.


  • Handy water level window
  • Auto shut-off valve
  • Good Price


  • None

Buying Guide – Best mini travel electric kettle

When it comes to buying a travel kettle, there are things to consider such as:


The amount of hot drinks you can make in a single boil will depend directly on the size of your travel kettle.

Some kettles have a compact but versatile capacity of around 0.5 liters, which is just enough for a hot drink for 2, while others can hold as much as 1.7 liters of water.

Making them better suited to family camping trips or those who are planning to setup permanent hydration station on their travels.

Boiling Time

While kettles work by converting electrical energy into heat in order to boil water, there are different types of kettles available.

Some models use an electrical point or a car cigarette lighter while other models have an electric cord or a fuel cell.

It’s important to pay attention to the speed at which these devices function because certain models can take over 10 minutes to bring your water up to cooking temperature, while others will do so in 5.

When you’re shopping for your next kettle, keep in mind how quickly you’ll need your morning coffee and select a model accordingly!


It’s important to understand the materials with which a travel kettle is constructed if you want a kettle that will last. There are three main choices: stainless steel, plastic, and glass.

Each material has different benefits and drawbacks for durability, appearance (such as color choice), and cost. For example, plastic is less expensive than both glass and stainless steel; however, it can also scratch easily.

Stainless steel pots are more durable than either plastic or glass kettles; however, they cost more as well. Glass may crack easier than either metal or plastic but it costs the least of the three.


In case you’re planning vacation to out of city, then it’s best to purchase a kettle that supports 110-120V and also 220-240V.

This way they are suitable for international travel. Nowadays such kettles are easy to find in online shops or even in local supermarkets because they’re becoming more popular thanks to their cheap price yet very useful functionality.

If your journey is usually shorter than three days, you can buy a single voltage tea kettle instead of finding yourself with a dual voltage cooling/heating system in certain cases when travelling abroad.


Are stainless steel kettles safe to use?

Stainless steel works great in a kitchen setting, but it can rust fast and isn’t the easiest metal to clean.

These kettles are loud when boiling water, yet they don’t always come completely stainless steel because some will have a plastic component to measure the level of water within the kettle.

Can you use an electric kettle in your car?

The electric kettle can be used without power. That is to say, it can be used in cars. It is heated up via a battery that is attached to the car’s cigarette lighter plug-in.

Once you connect the electric kettle with the cigarette lighter plug you will shortly have water that can be poured over tea leaves, instant coffee, hot chocolate mix and other similar things. You could also heat up your baby’s milk or soup inside a thermos.


Best mini travel electric kettle. Whether you’re sitting and enjoying a day out with the family or a quiet day fishing on your own, an easy way to make yourself some tea, whichever way you prefer it hot or cold can be to use one of the many travel kettles that are readily available online and in stores.

These small devices have made it possible for people to heat up their water while they’re outside at places like national parks, nature reserves and beaches so they don’t have go without having their cup of tea or coffee as soon as they want it.

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