Best shaved ice machine for home

Best shaved ice machine for home. Nothing quite compares to the experience of eating a snow cone on a hot summer day.

These machines take large chunks of ice and transform them into a fluffy, light substance, which can then be topped with flavored syrups or condensed milk.

Another type of machine, called a shaved ice machine, scrapes at the ice with metal blades to produce fine, snow-like ice. The majority of the machines on this list have the ability to handle both types of preparations.

When shopping for a snow cone machine, keep in mind important factors such as dimensions and capacity.

Some models are very compact, functional, and easy to use while others are high-powered machines that can churn out hundreds of pounds of shaved ice in an hour.

No matter which style you choose, make sure to also buy cones and flavored syrups so that you’re all set!

6 Best shaved ice machine for home

1. Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine

This best shaved ice machine for home is an excellent value, coming with a three-piece design that is simple to set up and take apart for easy storage.

Additionally, it is small enough to tuck away. The included precision-cut stainless steel blade works in tandem with the cylindrical ice blocks to create fine, fluffy snow, and it takes only minutes to make several delicious cones.

Two ice molds are provided to freeze the ice blocks, along with a non-skid mat to keep everything in place.

The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine is perfect for anyone who wants to make shaved ice, snow cones, snowballs, slushies, margaritas, and much more.

This best shaved ice machine for home is easy to use, and only takes a few seconds to assemble. The Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machine’s elegant design makes it a great addition to any countertop.

But if you need to tuck it away, no problem! The machine can be quickly disassembled for storage. The S900A also plugs directly into any standard household electrical outlet (120V) and features an adjustable, stainless steel blade.

If you want more ice molds or replacement blades, no problem! They’re available and sold separately.


  • Simple to use
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Makes very fluffy ice


  • Not for big events

2. Great Northern Shaved Ice Machine

Great Northern Shaved Ice Machine

If you’re looking to make a lot of snow cones for a crowd, Great Northern is a great option. It’s a well-known brand in the concession industry and is known for its quality.

This best shaved ice machine for home is designed to be displayed at the center of your pool party with its brass and stainless steel construction and sleek finish.

And not only does it look good, but it’s also powerful with a motor that operates at 1725 rpm and can grind through more than 350 pounds of ice in an hour.

Plus, this best shaved ice machine for home comes with a one-year warranty. Just be careful to keep the kids away from it because the blades are sharp and can sometimes produce shards of ice.

The sturdy high impact construction of the ‘Ice Cub’ makes it durable and light weight, perfect for easy cleaning.

Its slow shaving process guarantees some of the softest and fluffiest ice in the industry – a step up from the average snow cone.

Kids everywhere love snow cones, but they’ll love shaved ice even more once they try it. The cutting blades on this best shaved ice machine for home are made of high-quality stainless steel, so you can trust that they will last for a very long time.

Great Northern is a well-known and respected leader in the concession industry, and they have always been known for making products of excellent quality.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • High-quality stainless steel


  • Not kid-friendly

3. Dash Shaved Ice Maker

Dash Shaved Ice Maker

The Snow Fox ice shaver is perfect for small kitchens. It only weighs one pound, so you can easily move it around your kitchen as needed.

The small size also means it doesn’t take up a lot of valuable counter space. Plus, it comes with a recipe book so you can make the most of your snow cone machine.

This best shaved ice machine for home can make slushies, snow cones, frozen cocktails and more right in your kitchen. You control the ingredients, so it’s healthier for you and your family.

Plus, it’s easy to use – even your kids can do it! This is a great appliance for anyone who lives in a small space like an apartment or dorm room, or for anyone who loves to travel.

This sleek, trendy, and perfectly sized appliance is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With several different color options to choose from, it will easily match any kitchen décor.

This best shaved ice machine for home small size takes up very little counter space, making it the perfect wedding gift, new home gift, or gift for kids.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Simple to assemble


  • Messy

4. Time for Treats Snow Cone Maker

Time for Treats Snow Cone Maker

This best shaved ice machine for home is perfect for making snow cones on the go! Just bring the machine and some ice, and you’ll be able to make snow cones anywhere you go.

Whether it’s on a picnic, at the beach, or in your own backyard. The machine comes with three lidded ice molds, which are perfect for making the ideal ice shape to use in the machine.

However, you can also use regular ice cubes if you prefer. The molds are stackable and the lids prevent them from spilling in the freezer.

That way, you won’t have to worry about making a mess if you accidentally bump them while reaching for something else in the freezer.

If you’re hosting a party, you can make the ice ahead of time by freezing it in zip-top plastic bags. This will save you time and energy on the day of the event.

This best shaved ice machine for home is best suited for small groups or individuals as it requires manual labor to operate. If you’re looking to make snow cones for a large crowd, you’ll want to consider a machine that can handle the volume.


  • Easily transportable
  • Blade adjustability
  • Included are three covered molds


  • No flavorings included

5. Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker

Nostalgia Snow Cone Maker

This snow cone maker is designed to look like an old-fashioned push-cart, with two wheels, two legs, and a handle. But it’s small enough to fit on your kitchen counter.

The machine is white and gold, which makes it look more classy than playful. The ice collects in a clear bin that holds enough for about 20 snow cones.

There’s a shelf in front that holds two cones for filling and serving. The machine uses standard ice cubes and turns on when the lid is locked in place.

This best shaved ice machine for home is quick and easy to use, perfect for satisfying a group’s shaved ice cravings all at once.

You’ll get two plastic cones and an ice scoop with your purchase, but if you want the full experience, consider upgrading to the kit that comes with spoon straws, paper cups, two flavorings, and a squeeze bottle.

The compact size of this best shaved ice machine for home cone machine makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, whether you’re heading to a friend’s house or taking it along to a picnic.

This best shaved ice machine for home is easy to set up and start serving snow cones in just minutes, so you can enjoy them any time, any place.


  • Nice Design
  • Affordable price
  • Professional Quality


  • Loud

6. Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

best shaved ice machine for home in 2022

The Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker is the perfect way to beat the heat! With this handy machine, you can enjoy icy, sweet snow cones in seconds.

This best shaved ice machine for home is also great for making slushies’, frozen lemonades, and even adult party drinks.

The Snow Cone Maker is very easy to use – simply add ice cubes and it quickly shaves enough ice for 4-5 cones in under a minute.

Toppings can include simple syrup, juice, or adult drink mixers for a cool, refreshing treat! The Snow Cone Maker is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around for parties.

The ice bin is easily removable so you can quickly empty and clean it. The tray pops out and holds four cones, which makes serving and storing ice cream a breeze.

Plus, this best shaved ice machine for home unit comes with four BPA-free reusable cones and 12 paper cones, along with some delicious recipes. This is a great surprise for the family and a big hit at parties!

The Cuisinart snow cone maker easily transforms regular ice cubes into shaved ice for delicious snow cones, slushies, frozen lemonades, or adult beverages.

This best shaved ice machine for home has a professional motor and blade mechanism, as well as an interlock safety feature, making it simple to assemble and use. It also includes recipes, so you can get started right away!


  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean


  • None

Buying Guide – Best shaved ice machine for home

A few things you’ll want to take into consideration when purchasing the best shaved ice machine for your home are:


There are three main types of snow cone machines- manual, electric, and commercial. Manual snow cone machines are the most affordable and require no electricity, but they also require the most effort as you have to hand-crank the ice.

Electric snow cone machines are more expensive but save you the effort of hand-cranking, and commercial machines are the most expensive but can make a lot of snow cones in a short amount of time.

Keep in mind that all snow cone machines have sharp blades and heavy machinery, so use them with caution.


There are a lot of different types of snow cone makers available on the market, from countertop appliances to standalone carts that are perfect for festivals and parties.

It’s important to consider what you’re planning to use the machine for, how often you’ll be using it, and how much space you have to store it when it’s not in use.

If you’re looking for something that will be impressive for gatherings, you might want to consider something larger.

However, if you’re tight on space or if you just want something that can shave ice, a more compact option like a manual snow cone maker would be a better choice.


The look of the machine is also something you’ll want to take into account before making your purchase.

Some models are more eye-catching than others, sporting bright colors, fun designs, or an old-fashioned pushcart appearance.

Though the machine’s looks don’t affect its performance, it’s definitely something to think about if you’re planning on using it for parties or other events.


When you’re looking at snow cone makers, you’ll find that they range in price from $15 to $300. The cheaper end of the spectrum is where you’ll find most of the smaller-capacity manual and countertop machines.

If you’re willing to invest a little bit more money, you can look at commercial-grade models with higher wattage and larger capacities.

Or, if you want to save money and only need the machine for one day, you can look into renting if it’s available in your area.


What makes shaved ice different from a snow cone?

There are two types of people in the world: those who enjoy coarser, crunchy snow cones, and those who prefer their shaved ice to be light, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth.

The difference between the two lies in the size of the ice granules. Snow cones have larger granules while shaved ice is more comparable to actual snow, with very fine and light flakes.

How do you make perfectly smooth shaved ice?

After the ice is frozen solid, you can use a variety of tools to make smaller pieces. A rolling pin, mallet, or even a heavy pot can be used to crush the ice into your desired texture.

Just keep pounding away until you get the consistency that you want.

Is shaved ice better for you than ice cream?

To be honest, your average snow cone or shave ice is not exactly a health food. It’s made with refined sugars, artificial flavors, and artificial colors, which can all be bad for you in large quantities.

However, snow cones and shave ice are still low in calories compared to ice cream and frozen yogurt. So if you’re watching your weight, they can be a good option in moderation.


Best shaved ice machine for home. A best shaved ice machine for home is a great investment for anyone that wants to make delicious, refreshing treats at home. These machines are designed to handle both types of preparations and create fluffy, light snow that can be topped with flavored syrups or condensed milk.

Before you decide on which type of machine is best for you, make sure to take into account things such as size and capacity. Typically, compact machines are great for small households, while high-powered models are better suited for large parties.

No matter what kind of machine you choose, be sure to also buy cones and syrups so that you’re ready to go when the machine arrives! We hope you enjoyed our article about best shaved ice machines for home !

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