Best water cooler dispenser for cold water

Best water cooler dispenser for cold water. A water cooler is a great appliance in any space where people want refreshing cold water readily available.

Water coolers are often synonymous with break rooms and office gossip, but many people also have them in their homes. They can be very useful in a garage or play space where there isn’t a nearby water source.

Plus, if you have kids, a water cooler dispenser can come in handy for filling their water bottles before heading out the door. There are all sorts of different types of water coolers out there.

You’ve got your countertop ones, your wall-mounted ones, your plumbed-in (point-of-use) ones, and your freestanding units.

And they come in all sorts of different designs to fit any space. Plus, these coolers don’t just dispense cold water. You can instantly get cold, cool, room temperature, or hot water with a water cooler.

6 Best water cooler dispenser for cold water

1. Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon’s tri-temperature water cooler features on-off switches for each temperature, so you can save energy when the machine isn’t in use.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water is Energy Star approved, so you know it’s efficient even at full capacity. If you’re looking for a water cooler that will accommodate your hydration needs, this is the one for you.

It can provide cold, room temperature, or hot water. It’s perfect for anyone. The child safety lock is a great feature if you have young ones around, and the removable drip tray makes cleanup a breeze.

The bottom-loading design means you won’t struggle to lift heavy jugs onto the top of the cooler.

The indicator light will come on when the container is running low, similar to how a nightlight might illuminate when someone gets up in the middle of the night.

This is particularly useful for people who have trouble seeing or want to avoid fumbling around in the dark. The built-in nightlight feature also comes in handy for those who like to drink water before bed.


  • Energy-efficient design
  • In-built nightlight
  • The indicator for empty bottles


  • Buttons can be difficult to press

2. Brio Water Cooler Dispenser

Brio Water Cooler Dispenser

This water cooler is perfect for any kitchen. Its versatile design can be used in the home and workplace.

The bottom-loading structure and self-cleaning function make it easy to use while it dispenses cold, room temperature, and hot water.

The modern, stainless-steel housing compliments stainless kitchen appliances. A hot-water dispenser is a great tool for parents who want to protect their kids from accidental hot-water burns.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water has a great feature where you can press a button, and it’ll automatically clean itself with ozone.

You don’t even have to see the water bottle, as a digital display will tell you when it’s running low and needs to be replaced.

This product is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to have clean water readily available at all times!

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water can hold 3- or 5-gallon water bottles and is Energy Star certified. To save even more energy, the back panel has switches to separately control the hot water, cold water, and night light features.

So when you’re not using a particular feature, switch it off.


  • Energy Star qualified
  • Beautiful design
  • The ozone self-cleaning feature


  • High Price

3. Euhomy Cooler Dispenser

Euhomy Cooler Dispenser

This water dispenser comes with UV lights that clean the water, keeping damaging substances from gathering in the water, tank and pipeline.

The water dispenser is designed to give you clean and healthy water with every sip. UV lights clean the water automatically and run for 20 minutes every hour.

When the water pump works, the UV light will automatically turn on, so you can always drink clean and healthy water.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water allows you to choose between cold, room temperature, and hot water.

So whether you want to drink ice-cold water in the middle of summer or have hot water readily available when it’s cold outside, this cooler has you covered.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water is designed with safety, featuring a child safety lock on the hot water nozzle. You’ll never have to worry about this appliance’s possible injury.

The standing water cooler is also equipped with an LED nightlight, which makes it easy to check the position of the water cup in the dark or middle of the night.

The EUHOMY water dispenser is a unique product that offers many benefits. This product is perfect for busy families or offices who want to enjoy clean, filtered water without having to lift a finger.


  • The door is made of stainless steel
  • Included safety feature
  • Suitable for use in the office and at home


  • Filling a water cup requires two hands and a button on top

4. Kismile Water Cooler Dispenser

Kismile Water Cooler Dispenser

This water dispenser can offer both water and ice simultaneously, thanks to its hidden ice-making compartment.

This water dispenser is also an ice maker, which is great for entertaining guests or having ice-cold drinks at all times.

The compressor on this appliance is designed to save energy and reduce operating noise, allowing you to enjoy your drinks without interruption.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water is perfect for those who want cold beverages without having to deal with the hassle of an ice tray.

The control area of the hot water dispenser has an LED indicator light that corresponds to the function of the soft-touch buttons.

The hot water dispenser also has a child safety lock to prevent accidental burns, which makes it safe for families with young children to use.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water loads from the top, so you can always see how much water is left.

Plus, the indicator light will let you know when to add more. And thanks to the removable, easy-to-clean drip tray, you won’t have to worry about water spills.


  • Decent look
  • Overheat protection
  • Stainless Steel Interior


  • Spouts for cold water frequently leak

5. Farberware Water Cooler Dispenser

Farberware Water Cooler Dispenser

The Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cool Water Dispenser employs some pretty innovative electronic cooling and heating methods to provide you with safe and efficient cold and hot water for making tea, coffee, cold drinks, soups, and other dishes.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water was designed with your busy lifestyle in mind. Quick heating and cooling mean you won’t have to wait long for a refreshing drink of water.

The sleek design is perfect for the home or office, and the storage cabinet lets you keep a spare water jug on hand.

This dispenser is compatible with three or five-gallon water jugs, giving you more range to choose from.

Additionally, this best water cooler dispenser for cold water comes with a two-year warranty in case anything goes wrong. This way, you can have peace of mind when using this product.

The Farberware Freestanding Water Cooler Dispenser is a more affordable option than similar products on the market.

However, it does not have the same high-end appearance as some of its competitors. Additionally, it functions well but may not be as durable as other water coolers.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for with this best water cooler dispenser for cold water.


  • It is compatible with 3- and 5-gallon tanks
  • 2-year guarantee
  • Mini storage built-in


  • Small hot water supply

6. Nutrichef Water Cooler Dispenser

Best water cooler dispenser for cold water in 2022

The Nutrichef Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser features a space-saving countertop design that is compatible with three or five-gallon water jugs.

This best water cooler dispenser for cold water slim design means that it takes up minimal counter space. This dispenser has two different settings for hot and cold water.

According to the manufacturer, the hot water setting should heat the water up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

However, users have reported that the hard water setting never gets the water to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Despite this, the hot water setting works fine, and users have no problems with it. This water cooler has both hot and cold water options, making it perfect for any beverage.

Whether you want a refreshing or warm drink, this machine will have you covered. This tabletop water cooler has a quick water cooling system with an automatic electric plug-in water dispenser.

You’ll appreciate its ultra-quiet operation. The innovative tabletop design of this water cooler is perfect for the office or home. Its simple and hassle-free process takes up minimal counter space and can fit any area.


  • Countertop design that saves space
  • Quick water cooling system
  • Water temperatures range from 40 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit


  • The water jug is difficult to fill

Buying Guide – Best water cooler dispenser for cold water

There are a few factors you’ll have to keep in mind when choosing Best water cooler dispenser for cold water.


You’ll want to factor in capacity if you’re considering a bottled water cooler dispenser for your office or home.

Most of these coolers can accommodate 2-5 gallon jugs, with 3 and 5-gallon bottles being the most common sizes.

Remember that while point-of-use water coolers don’t have a capacity limit, you’ll need a continuous water supply to keep them functional.

If you’re trying to choose the best water cooler for your needs, a good place to start is by considering how often you’ll be using it.

If you think you’ll be using it quite a bit, then opt for a model with a larger capacity so that it doesn’t need to be refilled as often.

If the cooler is not used very often, get a smaller one. It is best to avoid letting water sit for a long time because it can become stagnant, and bacteria can grow in it.

Water Filtration

Water coolers equipped with filtering systems can remove contaminants and improve water taste. These coolers filter water through ion exchange, reverse osmosis, or activated carbon filters.

Keep in mind that the filters for these systems will need to be replaced from time to time, which is an additional expense to consider when selecting a water cooler dispenser.

Filtration is essential for point-of-use water coolers because they dispense municipal tap water. Because most bottled water cooler dispensers contain filtered water, filtration is less of an issue with these coolers.

Noise Level

A water cooler’s noise level is something to think about. As their electrical elements work to cool or heat the water, all water coolers will make some noise.

The location of the cooler will determine the importance of the noise level. When choosing a water cooler, the noise level might not be at the top of your list of concerns.

However, if you’ll be placing the cooler in a high-traffic area or near desks in the workplace, it’s important to choose a model that won’t be too noisy.

Easy to Clean

When using a drink dispenser, it’s important to keep it clean and sterile. This involves taking the dispenser apart and cleaning it regularly.

Some dispensers are difficult to disassemble and reassemble, which can be time-consuming. Others are designed for easy cleaning.

The best dispensers are self-cleaning. You can push a button, and the dispenser will clean itself, saving you time and effort.


What makes a water cooler different from a water dispenser?

Water coolers and water dispensers both provide fresh, clean water, but they do so at different temperatures.

A water cooler uses an electric cooling system to chill the water it dispenses, while a water dispenser dispenses water at room temperature.

Is it preferable to purchase a water dispenser?

Owning a water dispenser outright has some distinct benefits. There are no monthly payments to worry about, and you have complete control over what you do with your dispenser.

You also don’t have to worry about someone else using all of your water or not refilling the tank when it’s empty.

What is the lifespan of a water dispenser?

The average lifespan of a water dispenser is between 3-5 years, with some models lasting up to 10 years.

The original installation time is typically 5-7 years for residential models, but nowadays, some models are made with better materials and will last even longer.


Best water cooler dispenser for cold water. If you need a water cooler dispenser, you’ll want to look at all your options. This way, you’ll be able to find the right one for your space and your preferences. You can get water coolers in various capacities and can be installed in almost any area.

So whether you’re looking for a family-size water dispenser or a smaller one for your office, you should be able to find one that fits your space. You can also get hot water in a water cooler so that you can use it for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or soups. We hope you enjoyed our blog about the different types of water cooler dispensers. With this information, you can decide which type of water cooler dispenser will work best for your space.

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