Best Wood Pellets For Smoker Grill

Best wood pellets for smoker grill. Smoking food using wood pellets is the best option for giving your favorite foods a rich smoky flavor quite similar to what you would get from natural hardwood.

For example, when using regular wood chips in your egg or bullet smoker, you’d need to use twice as many or more than what you’d need with pellets, which can work out to be quite expensive.

That is why they are the ideal choice for achieving an intense and flavorful smoke that will infuse your food with just the right amount of moisture it needs to be delicious and tender!

To get started making your own smoked creations at home, take a look at some of our top picks for wood pellets below so that you can try out flavors like maple and hickory or honey mesquite.

6 Best Wood Pellets For Smoker Grill




BBQr's Best wood pellets for pellet grill

Traeger Best wood pellets grills for smoking

ASMOKE Best wood pellets for chicken

Pit Boss Best wood pellets for pizza oven

Louisiana Best wood pellets for steak

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1. BBQr’s Best wood pellets for pellet grill

BBQr's Best wood pellets for pellet grill

Instead of purchasing six different bags of pellets in a single flavor, consider instead ordering this incredibly affordable variety pack.

This best wood pellets for smoker grill comes in six different flavors with each individual bag containing one pound and lasting an average of 10 uses.

This best wood pellets for smoker grill includes the following flavors: Apple, Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Pecan, and Jack Daniels Whiskey to give you the most popular choices that many other like-minded consumers are making when they turn to these types of value packs.

These delicious tried and true flavors can be used with just about any meat or meat substitute as well as smoked vegetables and fruits to help enhance the appeal and taste for individuals who want some extra punch and excitement during their meals.

Regardless which type you choose when using this incredible value pack, rest assured knowing that it will help your food be a treat for all the senses!


  • A wide range of flavors
  • Suitable for a variety of grills
  • Can be used for a variety of foods


  • Each bag is little

2. Traeger Best wood pellets grills for smoking

Traeger Best wood pellets grills for smokingIf you’re looking for a smoky flavor to really round out your barbecue, these mesquite wood pellets are the right ones for you.

They’re made entirely from 100% natural wood and have been sourced in the U.S., ensuring that the wood has never been recycled.

Mesquite wood is known for its unparalleled smoking performance and its ability to impart a sweet, smoky taste onto your food – perfect if you enjoy experiencing flavors so full-bodied they’ll knock your socks off!

This sustainable hardwood also burns with a clean blue smoke, letting you get extra hours of smoking pleasure from it in order to give your food just the right amount of mesquite flavor.

Use it with meats such as chicken or sausages, or use it on seafood like trout or salmon! These Mesquite Pellets from Traeger are 100-Percent natural hardwood and contain no additives or fillers whatsoever.

The best wood pellets for smoker grill come out of their environment-friendly manufacturing facility and bring a rich flavor that is unmatched by other hardwoods commonly used in the industry like oak, maple, beech and ash.

The wood offered by this best wood pellets for smoker grill company doesn’t generate as much ash when burned compared to other types which makes them ideal for grilling and smoking in general.

These best wood pellets for smoker grill produce very little smoke too so that you can enjoy each smell as well as taste of your food every time you go out there and fire up your grill!


  • A wide range of flavors
  • Suitable for a variety of grills
  • Can be used for a variety of foods


  • The smoky flavor may not be overpowering

3. ASMOKE Best wood pellets for chicken

ASMOKE Best wood pellets for chickenAll apples for their pellets are sourced directly from apple orchards. The apples are harvested, brought to their plant, and processed within a few days to preserve taste and freshness.

Apple wood pellets packaged in tear-resistant bags by ASMOKE. Knowing what they are doing as an apple manufacturer, they create one of the best wood pellets for smoker grill on the market today.

A few days after their patented technology is under patent review, they are chipped and turned into wood pellets. One of their highest priorities is the protection of the environment.

All parts that have been used to manufacture this best wood pellets for smoker grill with recycled materials added in at extra cost where necessary because it’s good to know that future generations will be able to use them too!

These best wood pellets for smoker grill helps you grill nice and healthy food with a minimal amount of ash and generates smoke that is white-grey because there are no blends or additives.

This lets you know for sure that the tasty meat was cooked in 100% natural fruitwood. ASMOKE’S competitors, on the other hand, produce pellets from various ingredients which leave them black-grey in color.

It means you can’t be sure what else might have gone into their manufacturing process, making your food not so tasty or healthy at all!


  • Best flavor
  • Sweet and smoky flavor
  • Strongest of all the fruitwoods


  • There may be a little more ash than with other brands

4. Pit Boss Best wood pellets for pizza oven

Pit Boss Best wood pellets for pizza ovenPit Boss pellet smokers have become an industry leader in the manufacturing of high-quality wood pellet grills.

There are several reasons for that – superior technology, creative designs and a commitment to customer satisfaction through continuous product development.

As demand goes up so do their prices! But don’t think that makes them any less viable or unreliable as this brand is famous across the globe for being one of the first companies ever to create such amazing smoke-roasting appliances as well as quality pellets sold at reasonable prices.

They currently sell quite a few types of oak, hickory, maple, mesquite, cherry and even whiskey barrel flavors so you’ll be able to choose what fits your needs best!

These best wood pellets for smoker grill are going to be much more friendly on your lungs and the environment.

From each and every corner of the table once they try these thick, hearty chunks of marinated meat that you’ll serve them! This best wood pellets for smoker grill 40-pound bag is big enough to last through all the demand that grilling season brings.


  • Reasonable Price
  • Wide variety of tastes
  • With the backing of a huge, well-known company


  • It’s difficult to ignore reports of ‘sawdust’ in the bottom of bags from a few consumers and reviews.

5. Louisiana Best wood pellets for steak

Louisiana Best wood pellets for steakLouisiana Grills is a 20-year veteran in the world of BBQ product manufacturing, well known for their popular and quality line of pellet smokers.

However, they have made an innovative move by expanding into supplying wood pellets for smoking too.

These best wood pellets for smoker grill are made from 100% natural raw hardwood sourced from across North America, which means that there are no artificial flavors or chemicals added to them.

There best wood pellets for smoker grill also come in several different flavors and strengths like hickory, cherry, apple, mesquite and even whiskey barrel!

The flavorful and mouth-watering cherry blend that is popular when it comes to smoking meats as well as the standard competition blend which works as a good all-rounder option for your first time using pellets, or trying other flavors.

The cherry flavor of these best wood pellets for smoker grill has a medium strength, while the combination of smells from the medium amount of hickory and maple ensure your burgers or other food winds up with an excellent smoky color.


  • Higher percentage of flavor wood
  • Reasonably priced


  • Sawdust in the bottom of bags

6. Green Mountain best wood pellets for ribs

Green Mountain best wood pellets for ribsApplewood pellets impart a sweet and fruity flavor to meals while also imparting a smoky, deep flavor that will have folks drooling while they wait for their food to finish smoking or grilling.

These best wood pellets for smoker grill are created from non-recycled red oak, Applewood, and hickory with no fillers, binders, or additives.

These best wood pellets for smoker grill are larger and burn longer than conventional size pellets, allowing you more time on the grill or over the fire for a more even cooking procedure.

This best wood pellets for smoker grill bag weighs 28 pounds and is dried out so it burns more quickly, but it produces less ash when used for smoking or grilling meat, making clean-up easier.

It is suitable for beef, chicken, pork, fish/seafood, veggies, and even wild game. These Premium Apple Bark Grilling Pellets by Green Mountain Grills are for people who are after the most natural and delicious flavor possible without additives or chemicals.

If you’re looking for a new way to fire up that grill, we’ve got the solution with these pellets at hand! They are made from hardwood such as Applewood, hickory, and oak which makes them best wood pellets for smoker grill available in the market.

This best wood pellets for smoker grill burns slow for low ash and high efficiency, so there won’t be any flickers of flames left over until your food is cooked to perfection. Perfect for cooking up beef, chicken, pork, fish, or vegetables fresh off the barbecue!


  • Excellent for enhancing flavor
  • Increased burn time
  • Decreased ash production


  • The bag may be pretty dusty

Buying Guide – Best Wood Pellets for Smoker Grill

In this buying guide, we’ll discuss several factors to consider when choosing the best wood pellets for your smoker grill, and explain in detail why they are important.

Type of wood

Types of wood

Different types of wood have different flavors and characteristics. For example, mesquite wood pellets have a strong, smoky flavor that’s great for beef and other red meats.

On the other hand, apple wood pellets have a sweeter, milder flavor that’s perfect for poultry and pork. Before buying wood pellets, decide what type of meat you’ll be smoking and choose a wood that complements its flavor.

Quality of the pellets

Quality of the pellets

Not all wood pellets are created equal. Some are made from lower-quality wood or may contain fillers, which can impact the flavor and burn time of the pellets.

Look for pellets that are made from 100% natural wood and have a consistent shape and size.


Wood pellets can vary in price, so it’s important to find a balance between quality and cost.

While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that lower-quality pellets may not burn as well or impart as much flavor as higher-quality options.

Burn time

Burn time

The burn time of wood pellets refers to how long they’ll last when used in a smoker grill.

Longer burn times are generally more desirable, as they’ll require less frequent reloading and can help maintain a consistent temperature in the smoker.

Ash content

The ash content of wood pellets refers to the amount of ash that’s left behind after they’ve been burned.

Pellets with a lower ash content will produce less ash, which can help keep your smoker cleaner and make it easier to maintain.


Some wood pellets are made from sustainably sourced wood. This helps to ensure that the wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests.

Choosing wood pellets that are sustainably sourced can help to support the long-term health of forests and the environment.

Difference between Heating Pellets and Smoking Pellets

Wood pellets are produced from different types of wood with or without added chemicals or insecticides. These best wood pellets for smoker grill can be solely for use in a pellet stove for home heating or smoking.

It’s important to know that smoking wood pellets are produced specifically for use in pellet grills and smokers.

The process of producing food-safe pellets is more involved than simply putting whatever type of wood in a pelletizer – it must first be dried correctly before grinding and then applying the proprietary additives which give off smoke during cooking/smoking.

One of these additives is called pentosane and it gives flavor, color and also adds to the product stability, while another antioxidant additive found in natural tobacco extract gives the smoking wood pellets smoky flavor.


Which pellets generate the most flavorful smoke?

It comes down to the types of pellets you use. To make sure that your meats are well smoked, one needs hardwood pellets over fruit wood because they provide a much longer overall burn time.

The best wood pellets for smoker grill are also crucial in enhancing the flavor of meats and they usually pair much better with grills that cook at high temperatures than fruit wood pellets which on the other hand are used to smoking fish or smoking at lower temperatures.

Do the tastes of pellets matter?

It’s important to remember that not all pellet smokers produce a strong smoke flavor, even if you’re using the best pellets you can find.

The draw of your cooker may be more important than the brand of the pellets themselves when it comes to how well your food will actually taste.

Which just goes to show how crucial it really is to choose a good smoker that fits well with what your needs are because once you’ve got a good smoker, there are tons of flavors and types of wood pellets out there worth trying!

How long will pellets survive at 225 degrees Fahrenheit?

The amount of time your grill pellets will last depends on a lot of factors such as the size, shape, and overall quality of the pellet grill you are using.

For example, at 225 degrees Fahrenheit, a 20 pound bag of pellets should last you anywhere between six and 20 hours and this will vary slightly depending on if you’re using a charcoal or gas grill.

However, it is suggested to only use about one pound per hour when you are at this temperature to ensure that your grill does not overheat and die.


Best wood pellets for smoker grill. Wood Pellets are the modern alternative to traditional wood-fire grilling and smoking. These pellets have a more uniform style of heat dispersion as opposed to the thicker smoke that is dispersed through burns created by a piece of wood. It will bring out more complex flavors when using recipes designed for this sort of “reverse” smoking method.

In addition, some pellets taste just like natural food without all of the mess, while others are flavored in such a way that they add an extra bit of spice or tang found in meats or dishes eaten from different parts of the world. All you need to do to test these pellets out for yourself is buy one pouch and get started!

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