Can An Instant Pot Explode

Can an instant pot explode. Instant Pots are cookers that can be used to prepare foods quickly. If you want something fast and are not looking for a microwave option, then you have an instant pot in your kitchen.

They can make anything from roast chicken to cakes in only a few minutes. If you’ve recently bought an instant pot and are concerned about their safety, don’t worry – we’re here to help! Instant pots have become enormously popular in recent years.

Still, that popularity has led to some serious concerns on the part of concerned cooks who may not understand how they work or what they need to do to avoid potential problems like an electric shock or pressure-cooker explosions.

Can An Instant Pot Explode

can an instant pot explode guide

We will discuss here the reasons for exploding the Instant Pot.

Reason 1: Blockage of the Steam Release Valves

Although there are several unfortunate causes for this, the most frequent one is little food particles being lodged in the valve.

There is no way to release the pressure inside, which could result in anything from a minor issue to a complete breakdown.

Cleaning your release valves and other components on a regular basis is crucial because it’s the best defense against such terrible events.

Your Instant Pot’s lifespan should be greatly increased by actions like unscrewing everything, disassembling and cleaning the internal mechanisms, and then reassembling everything.

Reason 2: Filling the Pot Max Level

When cooking in an instant pot, it’s important to ensure you don’t fill it over its recommended max capacity.

When a product fills up to the max, and some of the food expands while cooking, they will ultimately clog up the steam release valves, which could otherwise not let enough steam out and risk trapping too much pressure inside and bursting apart.

Reason 3: Faulty Sealing Ring

It would help if you replaced the sealing rings in your instant pot every 12 to 16 months or as frequently as you use the cooker.

Additionally, you should clean them since your appliance could explode if they develop a problem.

Reason 4: Ignoring the Instructions

The manual provides all the information needed to use the items correctly. It offers details on the production process and safe usage of each product.

While this article provides a few instances in which an electric pressure cooker has exploded, it also demonstrates how to prevent such situations from happening to you and what mistakes might make your pressure cooker explode similarly.


What happens if a pressure cooker explodes?

Using a pressure cooker to prepare food can increase the temperature of the foods being cooked by roughly 40 degrees hotter than what water usually boils at.

If a pressure cooker explodes, large amounts of boiling food and liquid will be released with tremendous force that can potentially burn someone severely.

What are the chances of a pressure cooker exploding?

Cookers can explode or at least allow pressurized gasses to leak out. However, they don’t always do this violently, as many people would intuitively predict (or hope).

While consumer pressure cookers are designed to sustain up to two atmospheres of pressure, which is considerably more than the amount inside a soda.

This doesn’t imply that these devices’ shells will burst open to cause anything more than liquid being squeezed out over the counter.


Instant pots are fantastic kitchenware that speeds up and secures your cooking. Although using them has many benefits, you should remember that there are safety precautions you must take because they might explode if not used correctly or handled carefully. We hope that we’ve addressed all your concerns about this practical instrument and that you now completely understand why one might blow up if it has flaws.

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