Can I Put Paper Towel In Air Fryer

Can I put paper towel in air fryer. When you’re in the kitchen, using air fryers to prepare food is a great way to impress your friends with delicious meals and keep your culinary skills sharp for opening your restaurant.

Not only will this save time otherwise spent over an oven on a hot day, but it can also help keep messes and clean-up to a minimum as they tend not to splatter any oil.

They even help preserve vitamins than other cooking appliances can often burn away. Air fryers are one of the latest technologies in an ever-expanding line of kitchen items that provide convenience while improving the health, safety, and quality of the food we eat.

Using them at home will help you understand how they work so that you know what to look for when you start shopping around for a different air fryer or brand if you decide to upgrade later on as your current model gets old.

Can I Put Paper Towel In Air Fryer

can i put paper towel in air fryer 2022 guide

Using paper towels is never a good idea when you have your air fryer on. So if you have no other means of stopping the grease from dripping out, place something nonflammable beneath your food instead.

We usually recommend using a cut sheet of aluminum foil in the absence of alternatives because it’s safer than paper towels, and they don’t get sucked into the fan blades.

You could also consider placing an absorbent amount of cheesecloth under the food during cooking, but that depends on what you plan to prepare!

We will discuss the causes of not using a paper towel in the air fryer.

1. Inconsistent cooking

It is not a good idea to place paper towels in the basket of an air fryer before cooking with it. This will block airflow and prevent proper cooking, so it’s important to let the fryer do its job!

The battering and frying will be uneven, not just between air-fried items but with your food. Just like how something can be overdone on one side and underdone on the other in deep-frying, this will also happen here.

Only it’ll happen within each piece at random rather than consistently over a mass. Improper cooking will also lead to your food losing consistency, meaning that what you thought was medium rare may have some undercooked parts in addition to overcooked pieces.

2. Fire Risk

Putting sheets of paper towels in your air fryer can cause a fire. Hot air fryers use super-hot air that can ignite paper towels and burn them to ash, making it difficult for firefighters to determine the source of the fire.

If you think about it, throwing paper towels into an electrical appliance may seem harmless enough, but when you consider what could happen if little kids were running around in the room or, worse yet – pets- it doesn’t seem like such a good idea after all.

Of course, we never want anybody getting hurt, so make sure you take our advice seriously and stop throwing paper towel sheets into your hot air fryers because they are not safe!


What happens if you put water in an air fryer?

An air fryer would not fare well if one were to try to use it as a water cooler. Although hot air is generated in the chamber with an electric element and some water may touch the parts while cooking, they are not made to hold or generate steam, so this can cause an electrical breakdown.

Can you put the baking sheet in an air fryer?

Baking paper isn’t just used in baking and cooking; it can also be used in your air fryer! You may likely find baking paper in almost any supermarket.

It is the same as parchment paper, except it is waterproof and sometimes made from recycled newspaper. Buy some online or even the paper with a hole punch to make your sheets!


It’s always a good idea to keep some basic safety tips in mind when using your air fryer. Our blog post today was about why you should never use paper towels when cooking with your air fryer. There are many other safety tips we recommend you keep in mind whenever you’re cooking with your air fryer. Check out our blog post on air fryer safety tips if you’re interested in learning more.

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