Can You Put Foil In An Air Fryer

Can you put foil in an air fryer. Aluminum foil is an effective tool to prevent overcooking and help your food last longer.

You can use it to clean the bottom of your oven or even the skillet you have cooked on; plus, anyone who has taken their aluminum foil-packed meal on a camping trip would surely appreciate its flexibility as a culinary tool far beyond the kitchen!

It is safe for use in air fryers because it significantly cuts down on cleanup time. The best part about using aluminum foil in an air fryer is that you will never need to worry about messy crumbs or sticky sauces again.

Can You Put Foil In An Air Fryer

can you put foil in an air fryer 2022 guide


When using your air fryer, you can use foil or parchment paper to line its basket.

While we know parchment paper is a bit more expensive than aluminum foil, it will be much better with acidic foods like tomatoes and citrus fruits that could potentially leave metal stains on foil.

We will discuss here the three tips to use aluminum foil in your air fryer safely and effectively.

1. Don’t Cover the Holes

Food is well-known for frying rapidly and uniformly in air fryers. You must adhere to the air fryer meal preparation guidelines if you want the finest results.

One of these guidelines pertains directly to the container in which your food is stored; it’s preferable not to cover any holes at the bottom of the container if there are any.

If not, your ingredients won’t receive enough hot air circulation, which will lead to unequal results.

2. Make a Foil Sling

Creating a foil sling can turn using an air fryer into a hands-free experience. Fold a long piece of aluminum foil in half two times to create a narrow strip you can use to lift food inside the frying chamber once it’s finished cooking.

Tuck those handles under an edge to hold the food in place, and then wait for the timer to go off before taking those handles so you can safely remove your food without burning yourself or overcooking it!

3. Ruffle the Foil Up

There are many reasons why foil is fantastic. Professional cooks frequently utilize it to roast and broil their meals to perfection. But it can also be applied to other types of cuisine.

For instance, you might place aluminum foil between the steak and whatever you cook it on, such as an oven rack.

If you want to experience the taste of sizzling flesh in a steak but are seeking a perfect cooking technique, it is instead of baking on a cookie sheet.


Where do you put aluminum foil in an Air fryer?

Air fryers work by using a technology that circulates hot air around food to make healthy foods taste delicious.

The technology works by heating the atmosphere beneath it rather than from above. To get that hot air flow, put the food in the basket on top of a sheet of foil lined with a paper towel!

Which side of the foil should be up?

Contrary to popular belief, aluminum foil does not matter whether the shiny side is facing up or down. It usually comes down to how each type was made.

For shiny aluminum foil, contact with highly polished steel rollers results in a darker, more matte-feeling surface, while residue from the feeling it was resting on during packaging and fingerprints on the shiny side both contribute to the shiny side’s appearance.


Although aluminum foil can be used in the air fryer, we advise against putting it in direct contact with heat to be safe. If you place your product into a cooking tray before you start cooking with it, you may always try using parchment paper or a dish made of oven-proof glass as an alternative. Alternately, put your object (such as a chicken breast) on a rack suitable for the oven before placing it right into the frying basket.

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