Double Oven Install

Double oven install. When you’re hosting a dinner party, sometimes it can be hard to fit everything in the oven and still ensure each dish is cooked properly, not to mention warm up the kitchen before guests arrive.

This is where double ovens come in handy! Using a double oven saves time and space because you can have two dishes cooking at different temperatures without overloading the kitchen appliances.

And having two separate doors in each oven makes it easy to keep them at ideal temperatures throughout your dinner party.

Whether your passion lies with cooking or entertaining, double ovens are a great way to add flexibility while improving overall efficiency.

There’s no need to compromise on quality when convenient solutions like this are standing right in front of you!

Double Oven Install

Install Double Oven

We will discuss here the steps of installing the double oven.

Step 1: Measure the Space

Measure the size of your oven and compare it to the appropriate dimensions for that type of kitchen appliance.

You want to ensure there will be enough space in your kitchen for vents and doors to open, and you don’t want a fire hazard!

Step 2: Connection with Gas and Electrical Outlet

It is important to ensure that your oven is properly connected to a gas line and an electrical outlet.

You must also attempt to figure out if you have the correct amperage of electricity or gas in your home and make sure you adjust your oven accordingly to avoid exceeding what can be provided.

Step 3: Install the Oven

When installing a gas oven, make sure that you are attaching it to brackets on the walls via a certified plumber.

This usually involves fastening it to frames on the wall, connecting it to the proper lines, and ensuring they are all properly connected to every outlet.

The process may seem daunting, but provided you have the right tools and knowledge, it should not be too difficult overall.

Step 4: Turn On the Oven

Turn On the Oven

It may seem rudimentary, but it’s important to make sure you turn your oven on and test its temperature. Turn the oven to its appropriate temperature to ensure that everything will be ready as needed.

Appliances can be temperamental when used daily.


What is the cost of installing a double oven?

The pros of choosing a double oven are that they provide more space and versatility. Double ovens are generally more expensive than single ovens, which range in price from $1,200 to $5,000 depending on the specifications and brand name.

Installation costs naturally will not vary greatly regardless of brand or whether it is your first time purchasing. It will most likely cost you about $100 to $250 for installation.

Is it necessary to vent a double wall oven?

No, built-in electric ovens don’t require ventilation. These appliances are designed to provide supplemental heating, which can be found in their internal fans that spread the hot air throughout the device rather than exhaust it through vents outside.


Since reading this article, we’re guessing you’ve heard about the advantages of owning two ovens! It’s common for some people to want more than one oven in their kitchen.

But if you’re unsure if having two ovens is really what you need, let us tell you how owning multiple ovens can change your life.

If you feel like a second oven might be a step up from what you have or need help deciding which model is right for your needs, it might help to contact our team today! We would be happy to respond and assist with your questions.

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