GE Dishwasher Won’t Turn Off

GE dishwasher wont turn off issue. The GE Profile dishwasher is a high-powered line of GE dishwashers that includes the SmartDispense technology to ensure balanced detergent dispensing for each load, based on the load’s weight.

The SmartDispense feature uses a sensor and software programming to automatically dispense the optimal amount of detergent and rinse aid at precisely the right time across six pre-programmed wash cycles for efficiency every time you use it.

This helps reduce wasteful overuse of detergent or too much water added to your wash, saving you both money and water altogether!

The dishwasher also features a six-level wash system and automatic temperature control, so it’s smart enough to know when your dishes are done being washed and will turn off once they have completed the cycle to save energy.

Why Is GE Dishwasher Won’t Turn Off

ge dishwasher wont turn off issue

We will discuss here why the GE dishwasher won’t turn off.

1. Drainage Problems

Because of a clogged drain, your dishwasher is stuck in a cycle. Clogs aren’t caused by using the wrong detergent; instead, they’re caused by using inappropriate water pressure throughout the wash cycle.

Your dishwasher is set up by default to utilize just enough water pressure to clean your dishes thoroughly. However, suppose you use dishwashing pods instead of powder or liquid detergent as directed.

In that case, you are likely altering the water pressure your dishwasher utilizes when it cleans your dishes. Using your kitchen sink, you may quickly clean the clog and unblock the drain hose.

2. Interruptions

Because a dishwasher is extremely sensitive to these types of things, interruptions occur when you accidentally move the door, or someone pulls it out.

When this happens, the control panel will begin flashing to ensure that the dishwasher pauses immediately, preventing the door from opening and causing water to flow.

The “Start” button on the front of the control panel will flash until everything is securely closed and locked.

3. Power Failure

Your dishwasher’s control panel will be knocked out if there is a power outage. If the power surge did not irreparably damage the control, a short 30-second reset should be enough to get it working again!

To reset the lever spring and return it to factory conditions, turn off the circuit breaker for your home or remove the fuse box and wait thirty seconds without turning any switches back on; when you’re finished, press “Start” to restart your dishwashing cycle!

4. Air Gap

Dishwashers are fantastic at getting rid of messes, but they’re not so great at getting rid of clogs. It would help if you cleaned the air gap regularly to avoid clogged drains and a broken dishwasher.

The air gap is frequently hidden on the side of your cabinet towards the floor, next to the faucet fixture on your sink.

Any debris that has accumulated there should be removed using a sharp instrument. Drain cleaners should never be used in this area since they may cause chemical pollution!


Why is my dishwasher not switching off?

Your dishwasher is like a clock with many mechanisms. It controls the entire cycle of doing dishes. Its timer starts everything and sets off certain actions such as when to fill the machine, heat it, what temperature to use, etc. Sometimes it may seem like your appliance did not shut down because of a defective timer motor.

Is there a reset button on GE dishwashers?

You might want to get your GE dishwasher’s operating instructions in case it gets jammed. If your dishwasher is plugged in, two buttons may be on the bottom left corner of the kickplate. If you press the first button, your dishwasher will reset and run a primary wash cycle.

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