Glassware In Air Fryer

Glassware in air fryer. Air fryers are extremely popular these days. We all know they are great-looking kitchen appliances that make food taste delicious!

One of the most popular uses of an air fryer is to make French fries, but you can also use this versatile machine for cooking other fun recipes such as seafood, chicken, wings, and even desserts.

An air fryer is a newer model, so pretty much anything goes when experimenting with recipes and cooking times and temperatures.

The most common issues with air fryer reviews have to do with durability. But if you follow instructions for proper care and cleaning, there’s no reason your air fryer should wear out too quickly or stop functioning altogether!

Glassware In Air Fryer

glassware in air fryer 2022 guide

Glass bowls are safe for air fryers so long as they are ovenproof. This means the base of glass bowls must be thick and strong enough to withstand higher temperatures than their counterparts.

When starting your air fryer, ensure that you preheat your glass bowl with mild hot water before adding your food to it for added safety.

We will discuss some precautions to keep the glass from breaking in the air fryer.

Avoid Abrupt Temperature Changes

Putting your glass bowl filled with food straight from the freezer into a hot air fryer at full blast is a recipe for disaster.

Your instinct might be to leave it in until it’s heated up as you would if putting something straight from the fridge into a microwave, but this can cause your glass to shatter since hot temperatures can make the inside of your bowl expand rapidly and throw it off balance!

It’s the safest option to put it in the air fryer at the lowest temperature possible and only there until it comes up to room temperature or just slightly warmer than that so you can align all of its molecules for maximum safety.

Look for Structural Weakness of the Glass

Even oven-safe Glass can shatter if a glass dish is older. Flexing a glass back and forth and feeling for any give will determine its strength.

The more flexibility you think in the Glass, regardless of whether it’s oven-safe, the weaker it will be.

We recommend purchasing an air fryer replacement bowl that will reinforce your present pressure cooker model if you want to enjoy cooking with your air fryer more and feel safer!

Use Tempered Glass

Drinking glasses and serving bowls cannot be put in the oven or a fryer. Not all Glass is safe to use long-term at higher temperatures.

So, ensure your drinking glasses are oven-safe or made of tempered glass that can withstand high heat without cracking or chipping. Use an insulated food container to keep your food warm throughout the day.

Avoid High Temperatures

Oven-safe glass bowls are made to withstand temperatures ranging from 350°F to 450°F. You should always check the label of the dish you intend to use to determine the safe limits.

Glass begins to lose its shape or even cracks at high temperatures and may explode if utilized over those temperature limits.

As a result, it’s always preferable to keep below the maximum ranges to avoid creating significant damage that could destroy your meals.


Can you put Glass Pyrex in an air fryer?

When using your air fryer, make sure to use cookware or kitchen utensils that are oven-safe as they can handle the rapid temperature change when cooking.

If you’re using Pyrex dishware, be aware that some materials may crack under the rapid temperature change, so you’ll want to find safe alternatives.

Can you cook with wine in an air fryer?

The red wine marinade adds even more flavor than the traditional steak rub. No additional seasonings are required.

The air fryer is the best way to cook steak indoors, and grill marks on your beef get achieved automatically. It’s perfect if you have a grill or if it’s too cold or hot outside to grill!


You learned much about whether glass bowls can be used in an air fryer. Now that we’ve reached the end of this article, it’s critical that you grasp all of the specifics around air fryers and what type of air fryer would be most suited.

We hope you can discover the cookware you require from us here – but remember that if you need any more assistance while exploring, friendly faces will always be on the other side waiting to answer any concerns you may have! That’s it for today’s readers; hopefully, we’ve left you with a few crucial points to consider when researching your new buy!

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