Grinding Meat In Vitamix

Grinding meat in Vitamix. Vitamix is undoubtedly the most high-quality and versatile kitchen appliance on the market today.

What may surprise you even more, is how many tasks this appliance can perform with such ease, making it much more valuable to any modern home kitchen.

But one of its main drawcards for cooks is not just for its relatively low price point but for being able to replace many other costly pieces of equipment you would otherwise have to own; think ice cream maker or blender and food processor – it loads of them!

You won’t find a better value than the Vitamix. And like we mentioned before, its extremely powerful motor also gives it meat grinder capabilities!

Grinding Meat In Vitamix

Grinding Meat

We will discuss here the steps of grinding meat in Vitamix.

Step 1: Cutting into Bite-sized

First and most important, one must chop their cold meat into bite-sized cubes before one starts grinding it. Depending on the blender you’re using, this may not be a necessary step.

But with the monster known as a Vitamix, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. Cutting your meat into bite-sized cubes will make blending much easier.

Because, after all, that’s what blenders are supposed to do – they’re like little powerhouses that transform solid foods into liquid or gaseous goodness!

Step 2: Oil the Grinding Parts

If you find your meat’s texture too coarse, grinding it a little at a time can help make it smoother. Make sure you’re alternating between which place on the crank you put your hand to keep things even because many people incline to one side or another.

And don’t forget to occasionally oil the grinding parts so they won’t clog up and give you trouble!

Step 3: Start the Vitamix

Start by using the manual functions of your Vitamix at speed 6, and then use the pulse feature to slow down processing.

After adding your meat, let the machine run for 4 to 7 minutes before stopping it from stirring and repeating in batches until you’ve reached the desired amount.

Step 4: Keep Adding your Meat a Few Cubes

Continue to add meat cubes a couple at a time until you’ve finished grinding all of them. When using a grinder to grind a large amount of meat at once, it’s best to do so in batches and keep the ground meat separate from the remaining uncooked meats.

As a result, the cooked meat can be served instantly rather than needing to rest for an extended period before serving.


Is it okay to grind meat with a blender?

If you’re planning on grinding meat regularly, you can use your blender to finish the job. Although they wield enough power to act as an effective meat grinder, lower-powered motors may have trouble grinding the meat to a consistency that you prefer — so it may take more time.

To get the best result, work in batches to ensure you don’t overload your blender and ensure that the meat doesn’t turn into too chunky of a mixture instead!

How do you soften bones for grinding?

Place the bones in a heavy, tear-proof sack and roll out all excess air. Next, roll them with a rolling pin until you’ve made hard cracker-like pieces within the bag.

Just make sure not to break the sack, or it’ll be difficult to grind up all of that bone and tear through later when you’re molding your bone putty.


Grinding meat in Vitamix. After looking at that, there are no further arguments related to grinding meat in Vitamix. I doubt there is anything left to convince you.

For one to feel confident about putting meat into their Vitamix, it is important to know that it is a multi-functional kitchen device that was not designed as a meat grinder by its manufacturer.

Therefore, it should be handled carefully; otherwise, the blades could be easily damaged. As an alternative, one should consider using a professional meat grinder.

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