How long can hard boiled eggs sit out

How long can hard boiled eggs sit out. When hard-boiled eggs are left out at room temperature, they can be safely stored in a refrigerator for several days.

This means that you can have some hard-boiled eggs as a snack while you’re working, waiting for a meal or simply enjoying the day.

Spreading these healthy snacks throughout your day also helps you lose weight because it reduces the number of bites you consume throughout the day.

However, after two days of sitting out at room temperature without refrigeration, it’s not recommended that one eat these eggs due to the risk of salmonella contamination.

How long can hard boiled eggs sit out

How long can hard boiled eggs sit out 2022 guide

Boiled eggs can be at risk of bacterial infections when they have been left out at room temperature for an extended period of time.

Studies have shown that if water is added to a raw egg and then it is boiled, highly pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella and vibrio cholerae can enter the egg during cooking and make people sick.

Food safety experts advise that boiled eggs left out on the counter for more than two hours should not be eaten and instead should be discarded.

What Signs Point to a Bad Hard Boiled Egg?

Many signs point to bad hard-boiled eggs:

1. Notice the Stench

Although a hard-boiled egg might go bad for a number of reasons, most people first notice the stench. This is due to how overpowering the odor is, making it challenging to ignore.

While it is possible to tell whether your hard-boiled eggs are past their prime, they often emit a strong sulfuric odor that is most noticeable after the shell is removed.

2. Notice the Discolored

Notice the Discolored

If you have an egg that is discolored, this may be the result of abuse.

If you placed it in with eggs that were already old, then there is a possibility that the older eggs could have come into contact with salmonella and other harmful microbes.

So naturally, you should discard any eggs that are found to be contaminated or damaged.

3. Take a Small Bite to Determine

If your eggs have gone bad, they may not look or smell normal. If you’ve ever had hard-boiled eggs with yellowish-green yolks, then this is probably the reason why the egg has gone bad.

However, there’s only a small chance that you will be able to figure out whether the egg itself has gone bad without tasting it.

So if none of these indicators are giving you any indication of how long it has been since you cooked it or how long it has been in your refrigerator, then it might be best to take a small bite or two to see whether the taste is normal.

How Long Do Hard-Boiled Eggs Keep in the Refrigerator?

Hard-boiled eggs can be kept in the refrigerator for up to seven days as long as their shell remains intact. However, if you remove the shells, they will only last five days before growing bacteria grows and pollutes your refrigerator.

What Happens if You Eat a Bad Boiled Egg?

The consumption of bad eggs can result in many harmful side-effects, as it could lead to infections and even death if not treated or prevent in time.

It is advisable to not consume a rotten egg, as you could avoid getting food poisoning. You should always try to eat eggs within the time frame of their expiration.


Hard-boiled eggs are the more convenient alternative to their fresh counterpart because they can be eaten at your convenience. Their only downfall seems to be that they are not quite as good at maintaining color and quality if they are left out, but a number of things will preserve them in the event you accidentally leave them out a little too long. Overall, they are a great food to store and eat, which is why people usually make a large batch at once and keep some on hand for snacking.

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