How Long Does A Rice Cooker Take

How long does a rice cooker take. Not all rice takes the same time to cook in a rice cooker. This article will tell you how long it takes to cook rice in a rice cooker.

Make sure that you read further down to learn more about the cooking times involved with rice cookers and how they work, in case you are unfamiliar with this device.

Rice is a staple food usually eaten alongside many different dishes from around the globe, so it’s essential for many people nowadays to have a rice cooker at home.

This kitchen equipment is perfect for making delicious, tasty, and uniformly-prepared rice whenever you need it and keeps it warm (or hot) until everyone has had their fill!

How Long Does A Rice Cooker Take

time a rice cooker takes 2022 guide

White rice requires 15 to 60 minutes to finish cooking. For brown rice, better prepare from 28 to 105 additional minutes!

Types of Rice Cookers

Rice cookers come in many different types, shapes, and sizes. With so much variation between models that even the most knowledgeable cook may want to take some time to learn which cooker is best for them. The two types are pot-style rice cookers and cool-touch rice cookers.

1. Pot-Style Rice Cookers

Pot-style cookers are easy to cook with as they are one-button operated. They contain removable inner pots that come in capacities ranging from 3 to 30 cups of uncooked rice and usually serve up to 6 portions per pot. These units can be found on most plans for affordable prices.

2. Cool-Touch Rice Cookers

A cool-touch rice cooker is a great way to ensure your rice turns out perfect every time. These all-in-one style appliances are equipped with automatic keep-warm settings and feature digital displays that allow you to keep an eye on the progress of your rice, whether prep or finish.

Additionally, these dishes offer increased portability and can be identified by their fixed pot and hinged lid, which helps keep moisture locked in, helping you achieve the perfect rice result each time.

This type offers increased portability and better moisture retention. It can perform the same functions as its precursor and has a delay timer function.


Why does the rice cooker take so long?

The rice begins to absorb water and expands. Since the inner bowl of your cooker is immersed in warm water, it senses the difference and automatically switches off when the rice is fully cooked.

The process takes about 20-25 minutes, depending on the type of rice, quantity, and maintenance of your appliance.

Is a rice cooker faster?

Rice cookers are a life saver if you’re struggling to get dinner on the table and wish you didn’t mind eating grains for another night.

While using a rice cooker is rarely faster than cooking rice in a pot over the stove – stovetop cooking white rice takes around 18 minutes, whereas it can take as long as 30 minutes in a cooker.

This appliance usually cooks an entire pot at once which means no more disappointment when you open the package to find half a cup of muck left behind!


The average time for one cup of white rice in a rice cooker is about 20 minutes and 31 minutes for three cups. Brown rice takes, on average, 87 minutes with two cups and 110 minutes with three cups. The main factors that affect the cooking times include the type of rice, the amount of rice and water, the make and model of the rice cooker, and other ingredients that may be included (like salt or oil)

If you’ve soaked the rice before adding it to your machine. Although these aren’t necessarily devices or appliances that will save you huge amounts of time when it comes to cooking your meals, they are high-quality cookers that will provide great results every time!

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