How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold

How long does it take a refrigerator to get cold. Refrigerators are used worldwide and have become a staple in homes everywhere for their ability to keep food fresh for longer periods and help save money because it limits how much food is thrown away.

You might be surprised to know that the process of getting from room temperatures to chilling down can take up to two-to-four hours (depending on the size/brand of your fridge) and may vary according to about a dozen factors!

But even when you factor everything in, you’re still looking at roughly 2 hours to get your fridge cooled down enough to store food properly.

What’s even better is that modern refrigerators can safely hold high temperatures of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Long Does It Take A Refrigerator To Get Cold

how long does it take a refrigerator to get cold 2022 guide

It takes around 12 hours for a refrigerator to cool down enough to store food.

Depending on your type of fridge, this time can vary drastically, with fridges taking up to 24 hours or mini-fridges taking 4 hours.

Here are Methods to Make It Faster:

Method 1: Space between the Refrigerator and Wall

If your fridge is pressed against the wall, it’s bound to get hot. This will hamper the cooling functionality of your refrigerator.

If you leave enough space between your refrigerator and the wall, you’ll be able to spread out heat generated by the appliance.

This, in turn, will cool off your kitchen better, making for a more pleasant environment for you and for everyone who comes over to visit!

Method 2: Maintain a Cool Kitchen

When purchasing a refrigerator, keep it away from heat sources. Excess heat can reduce the efficiency of a refrigerator.

For example, heat from the sun will force your refrigerator to work more to keep its contents cool. This means keeping the kitchen cool during warmer weather and on days when your fridge is delivered.

Turn off the air conditioning in the room until your appliance has finished its cycle and the interior temperatures have returned to normal.

Method 3: Place the ice in the Freezer

place the ice in the freezer

The faster your fridge cools, the better. The more air it can absorb and the longer it can hold that cold air as it circulates your refrigerator.

So make sure to do your part using bags of ice instead of block ice. If you want to put a little extra into things, fill up mason jars and stack them on top of one another on the door. It’ll increase the amount of surface area for heat transfer.


Why isn’t my new refrigerator getting cold?

Depending on the brand and model of your fridge, you might find vents along the inside back wall or, for some models, along a side wall.

You should consult your owner’s manual to ensure you know where these vents are located in case you have trouble finding them.

Items tightly crammed against a vent can inhibit its functionality, resulting in distorted airflow and temperature issues within the unit.

Will an empty freezer get cold?

If a freezer is empty, it will get cold at a slower rate than one filled with frozen food items. The truth is, an empty freezer doesn’t retain the cold as well as one that has frozen food items inside of it.

A fully stocked freezer makes the unit work less hard to maintain a consistently low temperature.


They are waiting for a new fridge to cool can be excruciating, especially since, like other unique equipment, it takes time to settle in and chill. Because of the insulation within their walls, certain models may take even longer than others. Not only that, but certain styles have superior air circulation and cool faster. We’ve discussed some quick techniques to get your refrigerator from heated to cold!

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