How Long For A New Fridge To Get Cold

How long for a new fridge to get cold. Refrigerators play a very important role in our lives. They help improve the quality and shelf life of many food products and drinks by keeping them at exact temperatures to maintain freshness and safety.

Several factors influence how long it takes your refrigerator to cool down. These include the type, size, age, and overall condition of the fridge.

Some manufacturers list the required time to wait before you can first place food inside their specific models because of differences between individual apparatuses – but fortunately, most refrigerators follow similar cooling times no matter what brand you purchase!

How Long For A New Fridge To Get Cold

how long for a new fridge to get cold guide 2022

Refrigerator units take an average of 12 hours to cool down, but the cooling time can range from 2-24 hours, depending on the brand.

Check your installation guide to get a closer estimate of what to expect. We will discuss here the tips for speeding up the chilling process.

1. Keep the Fridge Some Distance From the Wall.

Your refrigerator won’t be able to circulate air as properly if one side is jammed up against a wall. When installing your unit, keep in mind to leave around 2 inches of room to prevent heat buildup.

To ensure that enough cool air can enter an airtight compartment, such as the freezer in your refrigerator, leave at least 6 inches between it and the wall next to it.

2. Fill the Freezer with Ice

With lots of cold food inside, your refrigerator will chill down considerably more quickly. However, if your freezer appears to be a little empty, you can easily give it a boost by adding some ice cubes to the mixture.

To do this, load up a few ice trays and place them in the freezer. Adding ice will help keep everything cooler for longer and expand your shopping list because there will be room for any other ingredients you may buy!

3. Keeping the Room Cool

When you have a fridge delivered to your home, be mindful of the temperature in other areas of the house. If your living room or bedroom is particularly warm, consider switching on a fan before the fridge delivery arrives.

This will help circulate cool air throughout the house and bring the temperature down so that when the fridge is installed, it can reach its optimal cooling temperature within a shorter time.


How long does it take for a newly installed refrigerator to get cold?

An optimal temperature in a refrigerator can be reached in an average of 24 hours. In most cases, after 3-5 hours, one can securely put their food in new refrigerators.

However, while standing up, touch the rear wall of your refrigerator with your hands to ensure it’s cold enough inside.

It will be chilly enough and safe to begin transferring food if you can maintain that temperature for longer than 5 seconds.

Why do you have to wait 24 hours to plug in a fridge?

A compressor doesn’t run unless its lubrication oil is full. So if there isn’t enough time for all of the oil to drain back into the sump at the bottom of the compressor, then it could cause major damage to the compressor valves. You’ll have to wait at least 2 hours before powering your compressor back up again.


You can save time while your fridge cools. Move it close to a wall. Doing so will help it stay at an angle that allows air to circulate throughout the unit more easily. Use damp towels to help keep the temperature lower than normal, as well as place food that isn’t going to be eaten for a few days in the produce drawer of your fridge. If you have a newer model, use the “fast cool” feature if one is available on your refrigerator to get it started quickly!

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