How Much Amps Does A Fridge Use

How much amps does a fridge use. The amount of electrical current required by a residential refrigerator’s compressor to chill its compartment is measured in refrigerator amps.

If the voltage is 120 volts, most domestic refrigerators use 3 to 5 amps of power. To run a specific device, you will need at least 15 or 20 amps of dedicated current; otherwise, you risk blowing something out or a fuse, which can be expensive and dangerous.

Because the compressor must constantly run, making it appear as though it is on when it is not (this is sometimes measured in Amps x Volts), the typical power consumption for most refrigerators is roughly 4 kilowatts per hour (kilowatts per hour).

How Much Amps Does A Fridge Use

Fridge Use

Most household refrigerators need 3 to 5 amps, which is about the same for 120-volt operation.

A dedicated 15- to the 20-amp circuit is necessary because the initial amperage draw at startup is higher than during the steady process.

We will discuss the methods of knowing how many amps a fridge uses.

Method 1: Using the Energy Star Rating

A quick and easy way to determine if your appliance is energy efficient is to google the model number of your refrigerator and look for its Energy Star label.

If it has an Energy Star label, you can estimate how much electricity it will use annually by looking at the seal.

Method 2: Using the Nameplate Amperage

A third method is to use the nameplate amperage. For example, if you’re using a refrigerator, and you know that it’s 3.4 kilowatts.

You can multiply that by 30 percent and then multiply the result by 100 to calculate how much amperage you need over time to do your necessary calculations.

The calculation depends on what type of appliance we’re dealing with!

Method 3: Buy an Energy Meter

Buy an Energy Meter

Suppose you do not have an Energy Star-rated refrigerator. In that case, you will need to check if your model has been certified for energy efficiency or contact the manufacturer for the information.

You can also use various tools to measure how much energy your appliances consume, from purchasing a power meter or using an app where you enter information on your computer, and it automatically calculates the calories.

These options are usually more accurate than equipment purchased directly by consumers, who are better off calling the manufacturer to find out first-hand what results they should expect.


How many amps does a kitchen fridge use?

Now, the standard power requirements of refrigerators range from around 800-1200 watts. That’s the minimum amount you need to get your refrigerator functioning and keep that ice cream cold.

If we divide the number above by 120 volts, the amount of power one outlet can produce, we will get the amps rating necessary for proper operation (7-10 amps).

Can a refrigerator share a circuit?

In the same way that refrigerators are no longer considered an extra duty, they follow the same policies as other household appliances: they are deemed noncontiguous loads.

This means that as long as all other non-extra duty loads are battened down within a circuit and the total load does not exceed the circuit breaker rating – everything you have in your refrigerator will stay cold even if you leave it on; unattended for a day!


How much amps does a fridge use. If you have a home, you likely have a refrigerator. And if you have a fridge, you likely use it all the time.

When you’re considering a new refrigerator, it is important to consider the energy efficiency of the fridge, as well as any extra features that you may want.

We hope this blog post has provided you with some new information to help with your next refrigerator purchase.

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