How Often To Change Deep Fryer Oil

How often to change deep fryer oil. Deep fat frying can be great when preparing several foods such as vegetables and breaded items.

We have to replace the oil with fresh oil after some time because the taste stays fresh and at the same time the food remains hygienic.

Apart from this, we must change them to stop contamination between foods, including vegetables and meat, for example.

Oil replacement usually depends on what type of oil is used, what you’re frying, and a couple of other factors, so it mostly varies. You will have to change them two or four times if we’re talking about fatty meats and fish.

How Often To Change Deep Fryer Oil

how often to change deep fryer oil guide

In this article, We are going to talk about how often you should change your deep fryer oil.

When cooking with your deep fryer, you should change the oil to new once every six or eight successive uses.

The number of times you need to drain the oil will depend on a few factors, including the type of food that was fried, the kind of oil used, and how you handled it during the previous frying.

If you want to replace your oil, ensure it has cooled completely before disposing or reusing it. Carefully sift out any leftover bits of food; this includes anything that might have gotten stuck on while adding seasoning or breading to your meals!

Here are 5 methods to extend the life of your oil:

1. Clean and Neat the Deep Fryer

Keeping your deep fryer clean and neat is one of the first things any novice chef should prioritize.

2. Filter the Oil

Take the time every day to allow your oil to boil and filter it afterward to purify the oil. Skim the top of your pot every 15 minutes using a cheesecloth.

3. Cover the Fryer

Keep the oil in a sealable container and cover the fryer with a cloth when it’s not in use so that particles don’t end up falling into it.

4. Set the Temperature to 375 degrees

The Temperature should be regulated at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Every frying oil has a specific temperature setting ideal for cooking.

So it’s important to ensure the food is free of excess batter. It is good to heat the oil to its set point before deep-frying your ingredients.

5. Use Correct Oil

Make sure you’re using the correct oil for your deep fryer. Only salt your food after it’s been fried.


Why should cooking oil not be reused?

Using cooking oil for more than one dish can increase free radical presence in the body, leading to inflammation and eventually disease.

One such disease is obesity which has been linked to heart disease and diabetes by increasing the likelihood of being susceptible to infections.

How do you dispose of deep-fried food oil?

Pour it through a cheesecloth into an air-tight bottle. The overflow from the cloth will be unclean and should be discarded.

Label your container with when it was first used for deep frying and what you fried in it.

Store your oil in a cool, dark place for up to 6 weeks and wash under hot running water before use to ensure all the old oil is gone and fresh, clean oil remains.


Although it may seem like a simple kitchen procedure that everyone should adhere to, most of us either disregard this advice or believe it to be an unnecessary, throwaway rule. However, the truth is that as a consumer who prefers not to consume additional fats from other sources, it’s one of the most crucial suggestions you can adhere to in your healthy eating habits.

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