How to adjust refrigerator door to close

How to adjust refrigerator door to close. When your refrigerator is not closing, it usually does not mean that the entire fridge requires being replaced.

Most refrigerators have an issue with the rubber gasket that seals the door shut, and this can be resolved by buying a replacement rubber gasket for the door, which should fit easily.

If there seems to be something wrong with your door hinges, you will probably want to consider getting them fixed so that they are working correctly again.

This can be done by tightening them up or placing shims or wedges between your refrigerator door frame and wall to ensure a full closure.

How to adjust refrigerator door to close

How to adjust refrigerator door to close 2022 guide

Adjusting a refrigerator door when it won’t close is many ways. Here are some of the main ones:

1. Clean The Gasket

The seal is usually the source of the majority of refrigerator door issues. The seal allows cool air in a while, keeping pests out.

However, it will no longer function properly or last as long if it becomes dirty or distorted. You may do a few things to clean the seal on your refrigerator.

For example, you can wipe the full length of the rubber seal on all sides with a damp sponge or towel.

Another alternative is to break up oil or another residue that may be interfering with the seal’s ability to perform properly with mild dish soap or white vinegar.

Vaseline can also help an aged seal regain its suppleness and efficacy.

2. Replace The Gasket

If you need to replace a faulty gasket: Ensure it is compatible with your refrigerator model and uses the same door size.

Remove the old gasket from your refrigerator with care, and follow the instructions in your owner’s manual to avoid damaging the paint or other components.

After carefully removing it, wipe both surfaces and allow them to dry. Use clear silicone sealant to reinstall the new gasket and carefully press it into place until it is well seated.

Now, after 24 hours of drying time, test your work, but be careful not to apply too much pressure, as this could result in a leak on another surface.

3. Change Damaged Hinges

Change Damaged Hinges

There are a few reasons why your refrigerator door does not seal or align properly, and you may not need to replace your complete refrigerator.

It could indicate that your hinges are damaged or bent or that new screws are required to secure them.

New hinges can be screwed immediately into the holes where the old ones were, giving them a thorough refurbishment and restoring their functionality.

4. Balance The Feet Of the Refrigerator

A fridge may stop sealing if the door is not correctly forced against the seal to maintain a steady and even temperature over time. To avoid this:

Ensure the door closes snugly against the gasket, which may need to reposition the fridge on your floor or level its feet.

Adjust the bottom of your refrigerator as needed if your floor is uneven.

If necessary, prop up both sides of your refrigerator with small objects until you can evenly distribute weight across all four legs.


Is it true that refrigerator door seals are magnetic?

The seal, made from rubber and packed with magnetic properties, will attach itself to metal cabinets through a thin layer of magnetized material that will cling onto metal surfaces. Once the appliance door is fully closed, the air outside the fridge or freezer cannot enter.

Where is the magnet in a fridge door?

A squishable gasket on almost all refrigerators’ edges helps seal between the refrigerator door and its body. Inside this flexible PVC (AKA Polyvinyl Chloride) gasket is an embedded magnet attracting steel from most refrigerators.


The refrigerator remains an effective method of keeping food cold. A properly working appliance will enable its interior space to maintain a temperature between 34 and 38 degrees Fahrenheit. If yours unexpectedly stops functioning, this article may help you troubleshoot the issue before calling in an outside expert.

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