How to Cap a Refrigerator Water Line

How to cap a refrigerator water line. If your refrigerator has a water dispenser, it should have a water supply line connected to a working faucet.

If this part of the refrigerator leaks, you might want to disable it and ensure that no one accidentally turns on the ice maker.

Some people may also forget that there is water in the line, or they might turn off their refrigerator but leave the ice supply lines open.

If this happens, you could get soaked while moving your refrigerator or when repairing it because if you run into something, the liquid could spill all over you and damage your carpet.

How to Cap a Refrigerator Water Line

2022 guide to cap a refrigerator water line

We will discuss here the steps to cap a refrigerator water line.

Step 1: Turn Off Water

Before you begin, bear in mind that if you cannot turn off the water on your own, you should seek the assistance of a skilled plumber.

Place your bucket once the water supply has been disconnected from capturing any water leaking after the pipe has been loosened.

Then, after moving your refrigerator away from the wall, lay down some towels to protect your floor from any potential harm caused by excess water still coming from the pipes after they’ve been adjusted.

Step 2: Cap the Water Line

You should be able to reach a pipe from the exterior of your water supply line if it hasn’t been capped from the inside.

If this is the case, close it with a piercing water saddle tap valve. To ensure the saddle tap’s efficacy, attach it to the end of your water supply line and tighten it using a tool.

Turn it counterclockwise, so the valve pieces puncture one piping opening before closing, essentially capping or stopping your supply line.

Before you begin, ensure you have a catch bucket nearby, preferably one that holds approximately 5 gallons, because this will take some time!

Repeat until there’s nothing else left in your pipes while you’re waiting for enough water to pass through the valve and drain into the bucket.

Step 3: Examine It

Checking periodically to see if your valve is still maintained and working the way it should is wise. Keeping a bucket handy for the first few days you’ve capped the line to ensure that a spill has not ruined anything is best.

Typically, you will find upon further inspection that the cap works on the very first try. If you wish to gain access again, turn the valve in a counterclockwise direction.

If, after checking with your local hardware store, you can purchase a replacement valve there as well.


How do you cap a new refrigerator water line?

Use locking pliers to unscrew the connector and then purchase a cap or plug that fits properly and screws it into place.

Turn the water on again to ensure there are no leaks, then turn it off, and you’re ready to push your refrigerator back against the wall behind its new cover plate.

How do you cap a saddle valve?

Remove the nut that holds the valve in place on the tube. Wrap two clockwise wraps of tape around the valve’s threads in a clockwise orientation.

Seal with a cap and tighten until it’s snug. Turn on the water in the house and open the ice maker valve so it can flow freely without being interrupted.

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