How to change a microwave light bulb

How to change a microwave light bulb. Surprisingly, the light in your microwave is essential. This light helps you see if your food is cooked or if the heat source has ceased.

Because the microwave cooks food so quickly, and there’s no room for food to move around. In many circumstances, closely monitoring this heat source by observing the light is critical to detect when something has gone wrong, such as when oatmeal boils, or you keep the smoke.

So, if your bulb burns out, replace it as quickly as possible because an unheated pot is more likely to boil over, putting you in danger of serious burns.

Whether the bulb is within the microwave or straight outside, you can replace it without having to replace the entire appliance!

How to change a microwave light bulb

How to change a microwave light bulb 2022 guide

We will discuss the steps of changing the light bulb of the microwave.

Step 1: Unplug the Microwave

Disconnect the microwave from the power source by flipping off its breaker.

This will prevent new electricity from flowing through the appliance and disable certain components in case others were left on accidentally, or you don’t want to mess with them.

Always be cautious because some microwaves may try to electrify themselves and have specific settings that could be altered without your knowledge, so it is best to take precautionary measures before doing anything else!

Step 2: Find The Vent

Examine your microwave to find the air vent. Air vents will be located either in the front, back, or bottom of the machine, depending on the make, model, and mounting.

Then Locate the screws that hold the ventilation panel in place and remove them before pulling them out on the board.

Locate the box that is used to house the halogen light. Look for a package that is often red and contains halogen lights.

Step 3: Loose The screws

To remove a switch box, loosen the screws that hold it. New wiring should be used to replace the old, broken wiring.

Replace the present toggle switch with a momentary switch, and replace the microwave with a light fixture.

Connect the lights within the box to a power supply with electrical leads. Replace the halogen bulb in the ceiling fixture and tighten it with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 4: Test The New Light Bulb

Replace the microwave or reset the circuit breaker. Check if the new light bulb is operating properly by opening the microwave door. If it isn’t working, try resetting the breaker or plugging it in again.

Once you’re certain you’ve done everything you can to resolve the current issue, try hitting the start button or opening and closing the door again to see if that works!


What type of lightbulb should be used in a microwave?

The C3 type bulb with the A15 form is used in most microwaves and other small appliances. You may need to replace the light source in your microwave or another device if it has ceased working properly.

An energy-saving CFL bulb, which will fit into the existing fitting inside your machine, is the most frequent sort of replacement light.

Why isn’t the light in my microwave on?

Microwave light bulbs can burn out for various causes, one of which is mechanical failure. To see if this is the case and make the necessary changes, cut off all electricity at the breaker box by unplugging the microwave or turning off the circuit breaker.


Microwave light bulbs do not have a specific lifespan. The length of time they last are determined by various factors, including the frequency with which they are used and the time scale over which they are utilized. They may not see much use in your home because, as we all know, many microwave owners only use them when a quick supper reheating is required, rather than using electric lights more frequently than in most homes. In this instance, the bulb should last a long time; even if it burns out after a few months or years, there’s no need to replace it immediately because chances are you’ll be able to use it for a while longer.

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