How To Clean A Coffee Maker

How to clean a coffee maker. Cleaning your coffee maker after each use is the best method to keep it working smoothly.

Deep-cleaning the machine once a month is recommended to eliminate any residue left by minerals in your hard-water supply or reservoir if you’re prone to filling it up with tap water instead of pure water every day.

Suppose your coffee maker doesn’t have an audible or visible cleaning signal. In that case, you must fill it with a vinegar and fresh water mixture once a week to eliminate any undesirable muck or flavor within the machine.

How To Clean A Coffee Maker

guide to clean a coffee maker

We will discuss here the steps of cleaning the coffee maker.

Step 1: Clean the Parts

Empty your coffee maker, remove and clean the carafe, the filter basket, and the permanent filter with hot soapy water.

After rinsing, return them all to your coffee maker in their proper positions and plug them back in. Make sure you don’t forget to rinse the water filter if applicable.

Step 2: Mix Vinegar and Water

In a water reservoir, combine the same amount of vinegar and water. It’s preferable to pour in an equal amount of both liquids because it’s easier to estimate if you don’t have a measuring cup because the two drinks will combine in roughly half a pitcher at once.

Because there isn’t a chance for them to mix otherwise, combining the two is slightly easier than pouring each one separately.

Step 3: Run Half of a Drip Cycle

Run your coffee maker for half a drip cycle, then turn it off, so no more water drips. This is required to allow time for the water and solution to mix.

To ensure that everything is properly tinctured, let it in the carafe and reservoir for at least one hour. Even better, you might want to clean out your coffee machine afterward!

Step 4: Clean with Soapy Water

Clean the carafe, water filter, and coffee maker basket with warm soapy water. In addition, wiping down a coffee machine is also a good idea.

Before you fill-up up the tank of your coffee maker with new water, clean its exterior thoroughly with a soft cloth.


What is the best way to clean the inside of a coffee maker?

Vinegar can be used to clean the interior of a coffee maker and remove calcium deposits and coffee bean oil residue. In addition, because vinegar adds acidity to the water, it makes a hot water cycle more disinfecting.

Please turn on the coffee machine halfway through the brewing cycle, then add half a cup of white vinegar to the usual process while it’s still brewing!

How much vinegar do you use to clean a coffee maker?

Fill the reservoir with a 50-50 mixture of white distilled vinegar and purified water every morning to clean your coffee maker.

Regular tap water can be bad for your coffee machine since it leeches minerals that build up over time and make your cups taste bitter! Use purified or distilled water instead!

Ideally, repeating this technique every day would assist in preventing buildup and eliminate the need for acidic solutions such as vinegar or other household cleaners.


Having a coffee maker is a nice convenience to have in your home. However, if you don’t take the time to clean it out after every use, you’ll be left with a pretty gross machine. It’s important to keep your coffee maker clean for the longevity of the device, as well as for the taste of the coffee that comes out of it. We hope you enjoyed our blog about Cleaning your coffee maker after each use is the best method to keep it working smoothly.

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