How To Clean Rust Off Cast Iron Grill Grates

How to clean rust off cast iron grill grates. There are many reasons to opt for cast iron grill grates when purchasing a new grill. They’re durable, and treating them right will outlive your grill.

Afterward, they can retain an even temperature during cooking and produce fantastic grill marks on your food. Furthermore, continuous use and regular seasoning will eventually become non-stick, similar to a cast-iron pan.

On a side note, though, they can erode if oxidation occurs by letting water build up on top of where the food is, so it’s vital to keep them dry after each use.

How To Clean Rust Off Cast Iron Grill Grates

guide to clean rust off cast iron grill grates

We will discuss here the methods that how we can remove rust from cast iron grill grates.

Method 1: Use Steel Wool & Soapy Water

Cast iron shouldn’t be washed in soap and water unless you wish to remove the seasoning. Bring your grill grate inside the house and clean it in the sink with steel wool, a stiff brush, and hot, soapy water.

This will eliminate any seasoning you may have built up and remove any surface rust, leaving your bare grate metal.

After cleaning, you must properly rinse your grates before thoroughly drying them since any moisture left behind will encourage rust to reappear soon.

The easiest approach to dry them is to place them in a very low oven for a few minutes; otherwise, rust could form on your grill grates in just one night! Make sure no water is left in any of the metal’s pores!

Method 2: Use Salt Paste

When you need to remove rust from your cast iron grill, before using chemicals or trying to scrub it out by hand:

  1. Get a thick paste comprising half water and half kosher salt.
  2. Apply the mixture to the rusted area, and then use steel wool or a wire brush to wear away the rust.
  3. Repeat as necessary until no more rust remains.

Once the first layer of rust is worn out, and your surface looks cleaner, attempt less abrasive methods like baking soda to keep your cover looking new!

Method 3: Use Grill Cleaner

grill cleaner to clean rust off cast iron grill grates

If none of the procedures described above seem to be working for you and your cast iron grill or pan has a lot of rust and baked-on grime, we kindly ask you to use a cast iron-specific cleaning.

If that still isn’t enough, there are other kinds of oven cleaners available as well that could be able to remove all the rust and baked-on grime and restore your cast iron to the brand-new cookware it once was!


How do you remove rust from cast iron grates?

One should use a wire brush to remove the rust. This can be done by employing some white vinegar at full strength and allowing it to sit for a few minutes.

The rust will then dissolve off itself, but if what is left needs extra cleaning, use your wire brush or steel wool to get rid of the rest of the rust.

Can rusted cast iron be restored?

Put your oven to three hundred and fifty degrees and ensure the bottom rack has some aluminum foil. After turning the oven on and the pan is inside, put it upside down on the top shelf for up to an hour.

Leave everything in there until it’s cooled off so that the oil will bake into the pores of the pan, providing a non-stick surface.


Although grilling meat is often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of outdoor cooking, other dishes can also benefit from using a traditional cast iron grill. You know, using a cast-iron grill is fantastic for many reasons, like how difficult it is to burn food on it and how much faster they heat up than a frying pan. We forget all too frequently that you need to periodically clean your grill and add oil if you want to do it properly.

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