How To Clean Your Vitamix

How to clean your Vitamix. If you have a Vitamix blender, you may want to experiment with the many blending choices to create delectable frozen delights or nutritious ingredients for some of your favorite foods.

Cleaning your blender after each usage is critical if you want it to work at its best. One technique to extend your machine’s life is to ensure that as little bacteria as possible gets lodged in hard-to-reach places.

Only a few basic steps are required to complete this task correctly and fast, ensuring that a filthy machine does not remain in your kitchen for weeks!

How To Clean Your Vitamix

guide to clean your vitamix

We will discuss here the steps of cleaning your Vitamix.

Step 1: Unplug the Vitamix

If there is one safety precaution that you need to make sure you’re following when using a Vitamix machine, it’s to unplug it.

It’s probably the main cause of accidents, so we were hoping you could take note and ensure it doesn’t happen.

Step 2: Use Warm Water To Rinse

Then using warm water, wash the entire container. Make sure to remove the black lid and a transparent lid plug.

Each of these parts should be thoroughly washed out as much as possible to eliminate any excess liquids left behind by the strained drink.

Step 3: Use the Vinegar

vinegar to clean vitamix

Soak the blades in warm water and soap for about 10 minutes. Rinse off the residue, and your Vitamix is now squeaky clean!

Try putting a little vinegar into this mixture as well – it will help remove some leftover food remnants from the blades that soap alone cannot do.

If you have one of the newer versions of this appliance with pre-programmed settings, then doing a self-clean cycle would also ensure that your Vitamix cleans itself to a sparkling shine without any further ado.

Step 4: Dry with Rag

After completing your cleaning cycle, empty the soapy water, rinse it with warm water and let the container air dry.

When done, squeezing the nozzle on a clean paper towel is a great way of catching any leftover water in the base. And, that’s it! There isn’t much else to it when cleaning your Vitamix blender after every use!


How do I clean my Vitamix under the blade?

Add a few squirts of soap into the container and fill it halfway with warm water. Using a bottle cleaning brush or sponge, remove food residue from the sides of the container and the underside of the blade.

Pour out the contents and thoroughly rinse both the bin and its lid. Dry off both pieces with a towel before use.

Can I wash my Vitamix in the dishwasher?

All Vitamix machines and parts should not be washed in the dishwasher. Dishwashers overheat, putting the blades at risk of dulling and rusting over time, jeopardizing the machine’s capacity to perform effectively.

When cleaning these machines, you’ll need to employ a self-cleaning option, which will help keep them in top shape for longer.


Keeping your Vitamix clean is critical, but it’s also quite simple! You can keep your Vitamix blender working at peak performance for years by following three simple cleaning methods. Now that you know how to clean your Vitamix in three easy stages, you’ll want to use as little detergent or soap as possible when cleaning it over time.

Each of these steps takes less than a minute and will prevent your blender from becoming a filthy, odorous mess over the next few years, ensuring the quality and taste of any blends made with this equipment, thanks to its smooth gears and regular speeds. I hope you found this information on cleaning your Vitamix useful!

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