How To Disinfect Oven After Mice

How to disinfect oven after mice. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, your kitchen is the one place that needs to be spotlessly clean at all times.

If you wish to lead a healthy lifestyle, then your kitchen must be properly clean and hygienic. Also included in keeping the kitchen in good condition is the oven, which has the potential to get very dirty when used regularly without being cleaned beforehand.

The oven should not be neglected or taken for granted because ignoring this part of your kitchen will lead to serious health issues if allowed to go unattended or overlooked too often and for long periods.

How To Disinfect Oven After Mice

guide to disinfect oven after mice

We will discuss here the steps of disinfecting the oven after mice.

Step 1: Open the Doors

Before you can begin to achieve a certain goal, it’s important that you first remove all obstacles that may prevent you from doing so.

After your house is clear of all potential problems, close the windows and doors for half an hour to invite in some fresh air, and then let your room breathe for at least 30 minutes to ensure maximum freshness.

Step 2: Clean the Droppings

Make sure your oven is turned off. Put on gloves, and then scoop as much of the droppings from the range with a paper towel.

Please place it in a bag and throw it away in a trash can. If you want to dispose of the pack at some point, don’t just leave it in the middle of your kitchen because cats and dogs will smell it.

Make sure to hide the bag, or else pets could get into them and eat the mouse droppings, which contain plenty of dangerous bacteria that can make you ill.

Step 3: Disinfect with Bleach

Mice can transmit infections, so clean the oven’s interior with a home bleach solution before baking anything. Make use of unscented household bleach.

Pour one bleach into ten parts water and fill a spray bottle with the mixture. Allow at least 15 minutes for the diluted bleach to soak into the oven’s interior. Wipe away this solution with a clean rag, then rinse your oven with warm water.

Step 4: Sanitize with Heat

To eliminate all traces of bacteria not only from your oven but from your food, we recommend thoroughly sanitizing the appliance with the heat on high.

Aim for at least an hour for at least 450°F-500°F, and if possible, spread the heat throughout your oven by placing racks at different levels to allow for equal heating.

Step 5: Clean with Vinegar and Baking Soda

Deep cleaning your oven can be challenging, but it’s also necessary to ensure that every inch is sanitized and smell-free.

These steps you will need to take: If you still feel uneasy about using your oven again, deep clean your appliance with white vinegar, which you can find in your cabinet.

Let the oven cool down and unplug it. Spray vinegar on a cloth and remove the surface grime Mix baking soda into ½ cup of hot water, Stir it into 1 cup of vinegar and clean the oven.


What should you do if you discover mice on your stove?

Place some glue traps behind the stove. These days, there’s a lot of controversy over other types of traps – maybe you’ve seen people talking about it on social media or the news.

But these are a great choice and are less invasive than snap traps. To make them even more effective, try placing some bait behind the trap to attract mice so they’ll get stuck to it once they come into contact with it!

How can you get rid of a mouse infestation?

Mouse droppings can be dangerous, so they should be handled with care using sturdy equipment and cleaned up quickly using disposable gloves and paper towels.

Then place them in trash bags and all contaminated material that may have been left behind after the droppings were removed.


If your oven becomes infested with rodents, it’s important to disinfect the appliance to avoid any bacteria or harm to others being caused. But don’t rush out and poison the mice! You may not see evidence of them climbing into the oven regularly, but they’re still there. Our quick guide below will help guide you through this process so that next time you use your oven, it’ll be as clean as ever!

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