How To Fix A Can Opener

How to fix a can opener. If you have doubts about how popular canned food has become in recent years, think again!

Even if you don’t have a can opener, you may still buy canned foods because they are less expensive than fresh fruits and vegetables.

Because of the cost, some individuals choose the lowest option, which contradicts utilizing a can opener! While an electric model is more expensive, it will almost always outlast a low-cost automatic hand-held model.

Using a manual can opener does have some risks, as it may cause injuries to children due to their inability to use it forcefully on aluminum cans.

However, if you’re stuck with one, there are ways around it: make sure you know how to fix a can opener if it breaks, or better yet, buy an electric one.

How To Fix A Can Opener

There are two types of can openers.

1. Manual Can Opener

Manual Can Opener

We will discuss identifying Can Openers Problems and how we can fix them.

Gears Failing to Turn Cans

If you’ve been using the can opener for over a year, it’s about time to replace the gear because that makes it difficult to turn.

Quite often, this is caused by the rust building up in certain parts and even an arbor wearing out, especially if you’ve been using it consistently.

Knife Failing to Lift Higher

When the can opener doesn’t seem to function as well, stabbing cans could be because the handle can no longer lift the knife off of the gear.

The cause for this problem could be because the handle is worn out or because the kits are no longer aligning and coming into contact with each other properly.

The solution can only be found in whether you need to replace a worn-out handle or if something else must be adjusted inside the can opener.

2. Electric Can Opener

Electric Can Opener

When operating an electric can opener, it’s important to pay attention to the safety features, as they’re often designed and used differently from manual can openers.

Because it’s been a long time since you cleaned your can opener properly, rust may have grown up inside, causing the gears to lose their precision and stop working properly.

First and foremost, ensure sure it’s turned off before doing any cleaning or maintenance. If you have any issues or damage, contact a professional that repairs these types of equipment.


How do the parts of a can opener work together?

High-quality bottle lids can deter even the greatest can openers. A manual can opener’s body comprises two handles joined by a single rivet or bolt.

Making it simple to use and comfortable to hold because the handles are sometimes padded with rubber grips for a tight grip.

Even the best and most reliable can openers can be hampered at times, and this could be because of a ripped or damaged lid.

Can opener gears slip?

Most problems with the gear slipping or not turning smoothly are caused by grease or dirt build-up. Clean between every tooth in both packs, rinse it off, carefully wipe dry, and then secure your gear assembly for smooth opening and shutting.


If your garage door opener starts to fail and no longer opens, its internal parts likely need to be serviced and some modifications made.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to change your opener via an easily accessible control panel; if not, a professional at the service center may be required!

Remember that the springs and gears within your opener carry the weight of the door when it opens and closes, so keep them simple (and make sure they don’t get too rusted or broken) to avoid having to buy a new one.

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