How to hook up ice maker

How to hook up ice maker. No matter how hot it gets outside, a cool and refreshing lump of ice is the perfect way to rejuvenate your taste receptors.

With the correct equipment and resources, installing an ice maker in your house is straightforward. Copper tubing will need to be run from the cold water supply line to a location near where your new appliance will be installed.

Compression fittings connect copper tubing to your elixir of choice, and if they’re not correctly secured, pipe failure could occur.

It’s also critical not to touch any wiring during installation, as this could result in minor electrical shocks or fires!

How to hook up ice maker

How to hook up ice maker 2022 guide

Here, we will discuss instructions on how to hook up the ice maker.

1. Remove Access Plugs and Covers

Remove the refrigerator from the wall outlet first. Then remove any storage shelves from the freezer by opening the door.

Next, gently pry off the plastic plugs on both sides and at the back of the freezer walls with a screwdriver.

You’ll use these dots later in the installation process to mount your ice machine. The tiny circular dot on top is only for water filtration access and isn’t required, so you may leave it out if you like.

2. Make the Water Inlet Opening Visible

Locate where the water inlet tube will be put on the rear of the refrigerator. You should see an “X” on that sticker, suggesting that you must cut it using a razor knife.

Bend back into position after missing the “X” through the sticker and carefully pull out this foamy plug.

It is a temporary barrier between the cold freezer air and the air in the room. Pull it out to reveal a hole for attaching a water hose.

3. Connect the Ice Maker Wiring

Connect the Ice Maker Wiring

It’s time to put your new Bluetooth ice machine to work. Begin by looking for the hole in the rear of your freezer.

Inside, it would help if you discovered a wiring plug-in harness that will connect the wiring harnesses for your appliance and machine with this little connector much easier.

Once everything is finished, the integrated wiring harnesses will click together and lock securely, allowing you to reinstall the cover plate on the opening.

4. Install the Ice Maker

Install the ice maker on the freezer cabinet by screwing the mounting screws into their apertures, then the L-shaped bracket. Make sure they’re both level and leave them loosely placed in place.

Next, use a nut driver to tighten both screws on the shelf, keeping your ice maker supported and horizontal to avoid creating an imbalance.

This step, if done correctly, should perfectly align your ice machine. After you’ve leveled it out on your own, you’ll need to install an ice tray to get it into an appropriate shape.


Is the ice maker line the same as the water line?

The ice maker supply line is a delicate piece responsible for transporting cold water from the breaker box to the ice maker.

It’s important to note that this tiny pipe is sensitive, so whenever it’s being handled during installation or afterward, it’s important not to kink or damage it to prevent leaks.

Do ice makers in refrigerators need to be piped in?

While refrigerators are fantastic, they aren’t the solution to every design issue. Consider acquiring a fridge with an ice/water dispenser that does not require plumbing within your home if you’re looking for an alternative to filtered water that takes no maintenance and leaves no mess!


If you’re looking to create some ice in your home, you need to get your hands on the right equipment and resources. There are several ways you can get this done, but if you’re unsure how to start, we suggest you check out the post we’ve written on the subject. We’ve provided a lot of useful information in this article, so we hope you will find it useful.

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