How To Increase Hot Water Pressure In Kitchen Sink

How to increase hot water pressure in kitchen sink. High water pressure in the kitchen sink is extremely important.

The water under good pressure will always wash dishes perfectly whereas bad stress won’t clean the dishes properly!

If you are washing dishes after dinner or just looking to rinse some plates, proper hot water pressure in the kitchen sink is a must.

If your guests have just had a steamy bubble bath, don’t expect it to make cleaning any easier – especially when it comes down to your garden hose!

How To Increase Hot Water Pressure In Kitchen Sink

guide to increase hot water pressure in kitchen sink

We will discuss the common causes of low water pressure in kitchen sinks and solutions.

1. Clogged the Aerator

This is the most basic issue, and it’s also the most straightforward to resolve. The brown sections of the kitchen sink faucet are called aerators, and they feature tiny apertures comparable to a shower head.

Calcium and lime deposits and debris from hard water can clog these entrance channels, so it’s important to clean them at least once a week.

As with many things in life, prevention is better than cure; for example, if you’re careful about what you use to clean your sink, you might never have this problem.


  • Open the aerator by twisting and pulling.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean the inside of the faucet head.
  • Rinse out the air gap with vinegar and water solution if needed.
  • Pliers may be used to help disassemble the parts.

2. Faulty Faucet

The aerator is not the only part of a kitchen faucet that could go wrong. The sprayer or pulldown spout are also two possibilities, but the aerator is most often the culprit in this particular case.

If none of these parts seem broken, you may need to replace your kitchen faucet altogether. There are many different kinds of kitchen faucets out there, each with its unique set of components – so keep that in mind if something goes wrong!


  • Dismantle your faucet.
  • It was then unscrewing the handle from the rest of the spout and hanging it lose.
  • If you have a problem with low water pressure, your cartridge or aerator probably has to be cleaned before it can be replaced.

3. Blocked Supply Line

Assuming the low water pressure issue isn’t related to a problem with the kitchen faucet, the next most likely explanation is that there is a blockage or a clog in the plumbing.

The pipes and plumbing of any home can sometimes get clogged up, making them difficult for homeowners to manage.

It often requires professional help, so we advise you to be careful about what you flush down your drains daily.


  • The first step should be to turn off the water supply under your sink. Make sure you have somewhere to put a bucket or two in case there’s any leakage – preferably immediately under where you’ll be working.
  • Then unscrew the faucet and set it on the ground with a towel below it in case it leaks, being careful not to lose any of the parts.
  • Turn the knobs of your water valves to see if they resume flowing; if they do, you may have accidentally unsnapped something, or your exterior lines may have frozen, so call a plumber!


Why is my water pressure low suddenly?

If suddenly there’s a fluctuation of pressure, check for common problems: clogged pipes, damaged pipes, frozen pipes.

Or even a burst pipe. Another potential issue could be the water-saving feature that some plumbing models have.

This is why it’s important to familiarize yourself with your model types and features before anything happens!

What is a clogged aerator?

Aerators have a mesh screen inside them to help create a soft lather in your sink rather than hitting the water at full speed.

Over time, sediment or debris can collect on this screen, reducing your faucet’s flow and pressure.

In particular, calcium deposits often form after a plumber has completed plumbing repair work, and the fix for the issue is much simpler than you might expect!

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