How To Install A Pedestal Sink

How to install a pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks have a simple design. The sink sits on top of a three-sided and hollow pedestal, with space in the open section to hide all drainage pipes and cables from sigh.

The back of the basin hooks over a metal anchor strip attached to the wall with lag bolts. The pedestal sinks are not usually very big but provide enough space for some people as vanity cabinets aren’t needed.

They help cut down on kitchen clutter as they can be placed anywhere without any specific layout or design being required.

How To Install A Pedestal Sink

Install A Pedestal Sink

We will discuss here the steps of installing a pedestal sink.

Step 1: Disconnect the Water Lines

To create more workspace, you’ll want to improve the flow of your kitchen by moving items around.

Start by rolling the vanity out of the way so you can take a bucket and put it under the P-trap drainpipe.

Using pliers if needed, bend back all of these water supply lines. At this time, let them drain out into an empty bucket as you bend back these pipes.

After they have completely exhausted and have been bent in place with pliers, you can remove everything from under the sink exactly where it was installed.

Step 2: Remove the Vanity and Sink

Before cutting away at the caulk that links your counter to your backsplash or wall underneath, make sure the utility knife is in working order.

While you’re beneath the sink, look for any screws attaching your vanity to the wall and loosen them so that when you remove the vanity, it completely separates from the wall and isn’t merely susceptible to being pulled off with minimal force.

Lift all your hard work from the floor and out of the room with the help of a helper.

Step 3: Install Extra Wall Support

If you’re installing a pedestal sink, you may need to add more support within the walls to keep the basin in place. Recommendations are dependent on the weight of the sink and the mounting method.

For these measurements, please consult the manufacturer’s instructions, then use them as a guide for cutting through the drywall in the designated location. 2x4s should be able to fit between two studs with just enough room between them.

Step 4: Mark the Pedestal Sink

If a pedestal is present, find the center of the pedestal and mark it on the floor. To ensure the basin will fit on the pedestal, dry work it.

Both of these should be pushed against the wall. Hold the pedestal to the wall and mark the anchor points with a pencil.

Step 5: Secure the Basin Anchor

Instead of placing the basin on top of the pedestal, place it on a sturdy table or counter. This will allow you to put the pedestal down if additional space is required.

For the anchor, drill holes in the wall. Because there are no size constraints, pre-drilling will be easier; ensure you don’t overtighten them and risk damaging them.

Put the anchor against the wall. Tighten the lag bolts given by the manufacturer until they are snug but not too tight to avoid any damage from overtightened fasteners.

Step 6: Install the Sink

Position the pedestal and sink it against the wall. Hang the basin over the anchor, then position the pedestal beneath it.

Attach as recommended by manufacturer’s instructions. Attach faucet and drain to sink from a P-trap. Turn on water supply lines (which are connected to your tap).


How hard is it to install a pedestal sink?

Pedestal sinks are one of the most common kitchen sinks, which is why they’re so easy to come by, and, unlike other types of sinks, they don’t take up a lot of room.

However, if you need to install it inside your home, we’ll discuss how it’s best and easiest to do so with three or four people.

Can you glue a pedestal sink?

When mounting the pedestal sink base to the top of your vanity, you can choose between two methods: lag screws or construction adhesive.

The latter is easy to apply and allows for quick installation, but it doesn’t provide a very secure fit between the sink and pedestal.


This blog post has provided you with a general overview of pedestal sinks. If you have any further questions about pedestal sinks and bathroom sinks, please feel free to comment on this post.

We are always happy to help you with any questions you might have. Thank you for reading!

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