How To Juice An Orange With A Juicer

How to juice an orange with a juicer. Orange is the most consumed fresh fruit. Studies have shown that this fruit can help boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

But many people do not take advantage of all its health benefits because they typically peel it before they juice or eat it.

So we must remember that the skin is full of healthy minerals such as potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamins B6, B2, and C!

To help you get all the chemicals your body needs, it’s important to consume the entire orange rather than just nitpicking at its tasty bits. Creating an orange juice isn’t just simply having the oranges.

We must make it the right way, which is critical for this recipe. When we think of creating orange juice, the first thing that comes to mind is how can we do it specially, For this thing to be special and different from all others.

How To Juice An Orange With A Juicer

juice an orange with a juicer guide

We will discuss the methods of juicing orange juice with a juicer.

Method 1: Wash Oranges

The first step of making orange juice is washing and sanitizing the fruit.

Method 2: Remove the Seed

Cut the oranges in half before slicing off their peels, then slice them horizontally into pieces smaller than the mouth of your juicer.

If possible, the skin should not come in contact with the slice, so you don’t spoil its taste; otherwise, squeeze out as much juice as possible without including any seeds.

Method 3: Peel the Orange

To remove the oranges:

  1. Peel them with a sharp paring knife.
  2. Separate their orange segments and discard the rinds.
  3. Cut off the top and bottom of the orange with a knife before cutting out the individual sections by following your knife’s blade along both sides of each membrane that surrounds a segment.
  4. Once these sections are removed, anyone wishing to utilize orange zest can scrape it from any leftover membranes using a paring knife or a spoon.

Method 4: Plug the Juicer

Take your juicer and plug it in. Use the pulse setting on low to get the juices flowing. Add some orange segments slowly to prevent them from getting caught up against the opening of the chamber.

The same goes for when you add water. Add a little at a time so that you don’t lose your grip on the force generated by pressure from inside the machine that’s forcing things out.

Method 5: Drink and Enjoy

After having the pulp strained from orange juice, it’s ready to drink. Drink it immediately, or store the orange juice in a refrigerator later.

You can place it in a glass container to avoid spoiling. The good news is that you can now properly prepare and store your orange juice in the fridge.


Can you put a whole orange in the juicer?

Always juice the entire orange, including the skin and pulp. Wash your oranges thoroughly beneath running water to remove any dirt and harmful bacteria.

Scrubbing them down with a produce brush is more hygienic and will help get into awkward places that are harder to clean, such as the grooves of the rind.

What happens to orange peels after juicing?

The peels wasted after juicing account for 50% of the orange. Burning these peels to eliminate them creates carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

It can lead to global warming—dumping them in landfills results in the creation of harmful chemicals that could eventually kill plants.


When it comes to juicing oranges with a juicer, there are quite a few things one should know to get the full benefits of your natural juice. For example, note that cutting the fruits into slices at least 3mm thick before orange juice extraction is important.

It is also advisable to use an electrical citrus juicer that generates enough pressure to extract all nutrients and help produce more flavorful juice. Another tip would be to read the manual thoroughly before using a new citrus fruit or fresh ingredients because some items can be dangerous if not handled properly!

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