How To Remove A Delta Kitchen Faucet

How to remove a Delta kitchen faucet. Delta is well-known for its exceptional kitchen faucets, and the Delta single-handle model is no exception.

Regardless of its simplicity, it still has all the durability and performance required of a high-quality kitchen faucet.

It only requires installing it properly to get the most out of it, but once you do, you’ll find that removing a simple Delta single-handle kitchen faucet is much easier than expected.

At first glance, this may not seem like an advantage – but once you see how well it performs in action merely using one hand, you will probably never want to use another type of kitchen faucet again!

How To Remove A Delta Kitchen Faucet

guide to remove a delta kitchen faucet

We will discuss here the steps of removing a delta kitchen faucet.

Step 1: Turn Off The Water Flow

The first step is to switch off the water supply so that you can easily remove your Delta kitchen faucet. You must switch off both hot and cold water valves if you have hot and cold water access through your kitchen.

Turn off the main water supply for safety reasons, then try to turn on the tap as soon as possible. When the water stops flowing from your faucet, remove the faucet handle, which will relieve any further stress you could have had if you hadn’t done so ahead of time.

Step 2: Disconnect the Faucet’s Hoses

Two supply tubes are hooked to the bottom of the sink with the faucet. Remove both sets of nuts using a wrench to detach them.

The first nut on the hot water supply is readily undone by hand, but it will stay in place when you loosen the one underneath it. Remove the second set by hand and tighten it once the higher one has been entirely gone.

Step 3: Remove the Retaining Plate and the Nuts

Sink faucets typically have various types of covers that seal their base, as the name implies. These covers are known as retaining nuts and plates whether they cover the ground from below or above.

A screwdriver can remove a lower retaining plate, but an upper one should be removed with a basin wrench because you don’t want it to pop off unexpectedly!

If you’re going to replace your faucet and remove the old one, start by unscrewing everything with some penetrating oil – it will make the process much easier!

Step 4: Remove the Faucet

remove delta kitchen faucet

If you can’t unscrew the faucet, try grabbing it with your hand and twisting it. Corrosion and mineral deposits may have sharpened the edges of the faucet.

To remove the faucet, use gardening channel locks or a similar instrument, or at the very least apply greater power when tugging due to its weight. You can receive a cut if you get too close to the edges.


What is the best way to remove a screwless faucet handle?

Remove the decorative caps from the shut-off valves, if any, by gently prying them off with a nail file or flathead screwdriver. After removing the lid, locate and unscrew the retaining screws for each handle.

Are there aerators on all faucets?

Almost all kitchen and bathroom faucets now include an aerator built at the end of the spout. Aerators are also available for purchase separately if you’d like to have more control over the water pressure within your home or business car and require a more convenient way to restrict water flow within a faucet.

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