How to remove broken glass from a garbage disposal

How to remove broken glass from a garbage disposal. Your kitchen sink’s garbage disposal is a handy thing to have all the time that helps you get rid of scraps and leftovers, but if a foreign object like a glass gets trapped in it.

It can easily jam your machine and prevent it from functioning. Removing glass from garbage disposal involves removing any large pieces of glass, inserting either a wrench or broom handle into the bottom or top of the disposer and using it to dislodge the glass within.

Vacuuming out the rest of the broken objects with the help of a brush attachment, resetting your disposal again afterward (you sometimes may need an Allen wrench for this), or just giving up and deciding to spend some time cleaning out whatever was clogging up your sink instead.

How to remove broken glass from a garbage disposal

How to remove broken glass from a garbage disposal guide

We will discuss here the steps of removing glass from a garbage disposal.

Step 1: Turn Off The Electricity

Before collecting anything from the garbage disposal, please turn it off. This can be accomplished by flipping a switch or shutting off the device’s circuit breaker.

You don’t want to take any unnecessary risks. After making sure the unit is switched off and disconnected, physically turn the masticating plate (the barrier within) to eliminate any blockages preventing food from passing through.

Step 2: Using a Tool, Recover Large Pieces

No matter what, do not put your hands down on the garbage disposal. If you do, you’ll almost certainly bleed, which can be deadly if the cut isn’t treated soon. There are, thankfully, simpler options!

Near your sink, you should have equipment like needle-nose pliers or a similar gadget to help you get rid of all the larger pieces of garbage stuck in your drain.

A headlamp can aid in illumination without needing to remove any items such as gloves, which could cause more harm than good if they come into contact with sharp or jagged debris at the bottom of your sink’s drain pipe.

Step 3: Turn the Blades

Turn the Blades

The remaining bits and pieces of glass need to be drained from the disposal. For this, you need to take a stick or hex key and use them to turn the blades inside the disposal.

Put your vacuum cleaner on if it is still plugged in after using the broom; for more suction power. Once done, unplug it again and rinse everything down with water.

Step 4: Turn the Power Back

After you’ve thought you’ve cleaned out all the garbage from your disposal, turn the power back on and run some water to check out how you did.

If you hear a loud grinding sound, that means that there is still some rubble caught in the blades or motor of your garbage disposal, which could ultimately result in damage and need repair or replacement.


Is it possible to grind glass in a garbage disposal?

Garbage disposals can be troublesome if you accidentally cut a piece of glass or other hard material and get caught in the disposal’s grinder blades.

The best way to avoid this is by always ensuring that meat and other food waste are fully ground up before throwing them away to prevent shards from getting stuck within the blades.

If you do accidentally knock a piece of glass into the garbage disposal, grab your trusty channel locks and carefully remove them.

What is a garbage disposal hex wrench?

The Jam Busters is a tool that removes food disposal blockages fast and easily. Other brands provide specialized tools for removing jammed plates, but the basic disposal tool outperforms them.

Allen wrenches are typically 1/4 inch long, but Jam Busters has special long-handled tools that eliminate the need for another twist.


In the end, we hope this article has helped you understand how to remove the glass from garbage disposal in the best way possible. While there are other ways to do it, we know this method will get the job done the easiest. Thanks for reading and sharing our love of the written word! We do hope the information we provided was useful.

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