How To Remove Built-in Microwave

How to remove built-in Microwave. If you’re considering upgrading your kitchen appliances, you might wonder how to remove a built-in microwave.

Unfortunately, many kitchens feature fancy new appliances that sometimes need replacing when they are no longer working efficiently.

While installing such devices usually takes some time, and with some expert help, removing them tends to be much less complicated.

However, if you want your installation specialist to help you out with the uninstallation of your device, make sure they have plenty of experience in unpacking one microwave.

How To Remove Built-in Microwave

how to remove built-in microwave 2022 guide

In this guide, we give you step-by-step instructions on how to remove the built-in microwave.

Step 1: Gear Up

Gather all of your tools and safety gear. Put on padded work gloves. Have the major appliance instruction manual within reach.

Microwaves can be tricky to remove. Some may have different screws, bolts, or fasteners, so you must know exactly what screwdriver to use for which microwave and carefully remove each part of the microwave in the correct order.

Step 2: Turn Off The Microwave

To prevent a fire, you can make sure that your microwave is unplugged or at least turned off if it has a plug. The best way to ensure this is by providing the circuit breaker that supplies power to your microwave that has been turned off.

Step 3: Unplug The Microwave

Never leave the microwave unattended when it’s turned on and plugged in, as any factor could lead to it catching fire.

If you’re through cooking for the moment, turn off and unplug the microwave. If that’s not possible, switch to a different stovetop burner to simmer sauces.

Step 4: Remove The Turntable

Open the microwave door and grab onto the turntable while lifting it out of its slot. These are fragile and can break when lifted incorrectly. This simple action also ensures your microwave doesn’t have any loose parts remaining inside.

Step 5: Remove Screwing Brackets

Some microwaves are secured through screws, while others are held with bolts. Remove the extra parts around the microwave which make it possible to reach the frame.

Cover this space up when you’re done so that other household members don’t try to use it while you aren’t home. Don’t forget that you can ask a relative or close family member for help carrying the appliance!


Is it possible to remove built-in microwaves?

When removing the built-in microwave in your home, take the time to find the right replacement and completely remove it from your kitchen.

It may appear that your kitchen was built around this unique appliance and that removal will be impossible, but you can do it! You’ll probably be surprised at how easily you can remove it once all the screws are removed without much effort.

Is it hard to replace over-the-range microwaves?

Installing a microwave oven above your range may be daunting, but it is not as difficult as you believe. With the right tools and some spare time on your hands, you should be able to get started quickly with this job.

If you are replacing an older appliance already in place or installing an over-the-range microwave for the first time, you’ll likely need somebody else to lend a hand.


If you want to know how to remove a built-in microwave, there are a few steps that you need to follow. Many people are reluctant to remove a built-in microwave simply because they think it will be too hard. However, by following these steps, you can remove the old microwave from your kitchen without complications. Ultimately, you will make your kitchen look as good as new.

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