How To Remove Kitchen Sink Drain

How to remove kitchen sink drain. When you have a sinkful of dirty dishes and water, the first thing to do is check to see if there’s a crack in the sink drain (the metal sink component that runs from below the sink to the street).

The best way to tell if you leak some kind is by listening very closely because you might not be able to see it at first; even once you’ve inspected your drainpipe, sometimes it can be hard to detect precisely where any leaks are coming from.

After preparing yourself with the proper tools – including gloves and perhaps an old toothbrush – get ready to remove the old drain pipe by dislodging it gently using either a hammer or pliers!

How To Remove Kitchen Sink Drain

In this discussion, we will dive into how to remove your leaking kitchen sink drain and install a new one so that your bowl can be used for a more prestigious duty than holding drain water.

Part 1: Disconnecting the Drain Pipe


Check for the coupling nut connecting the sink strainer to the drain pipe. It might be located beneath your sink near a PVC or metal drainpipe.

If you find that pesky coupling nut, loosen it and detach it from the drain pipe and the sink strainer.

Hold onto the sink strainer if you see it spinning as you reduce the nuts because there is still tension between them, and they’ll need to be loosened without rotating around.

Insert something with a flat bottom like a wrench into your drain while gently pinching down on the opening upwards toward where your sink starts until you can remove those stubborn nuts!

Part 2: Loosening and Removing the Sink Strainer

You’ll notice a large ring if you remove the pieces of the filter that are adhered to your sink and aren’t directly connected to the pipes.

This is known as a washer, which works in conjunction with the screws on the bottom of the ring to keep everything in place.

You must be careful when removing it because it is normally under a lot of pressure from the water flowing through it, but if you are gentle, it will come off just fine.

After you’ve successfully removed the underside of your filter, as shown above, don’t forget to check for any potential leaks or cracks that may have developed over time.

You may require new gaskets for this entire apparatus to regain strength and, more importantly, maintain adequate pressure on all sides!

Part 3: Install The New Drain Strainer

Install The New Drain Strainer

A strainer over the sink drain hole prevents undesirable things from traveling down it.

An under-sink basket strainer is the best type to use since its perforated design prevents water from passing through while allowing water to pass through slowly for adequate drainage.

Apply a ring of plumber’s putty around the inside rim of this sink style, covering all locations where the basket strainer will touch.

After that, ensure that each element slips into its rightful place, with the proper orientation, to ensure that the basket and drain holes are properly sealed.

Tighten the thick rubber area with your wrench while holding its handle with a set of needle-nose pliers, so it doesn’t turn as you tighten it after sliding on your plastic washer and metal friction protection band.


Is a sink drain wrench required?

When replacing your drain, you’ll need a drain wrench, which works as a waterproof nutcracker for your shower or tub.

What is the best way to use a kitchen sink basin wrench?

Create a visualization of the process to simplify the subtle nuances of the recipe. Make a graphic that demonstrates how to operate this kitchen gadget.

Hang it next to the basin wrench so when everyone else uses it, they know exactly how they should handle it.


How to remove kitchen sink drain. A leaking kitchen sink drain can make for a very unpleasant experience. You’ll have to scatter bowls all over the place merely to keep the water from your drain contained.

Furthermore, once all the water has accumulated in one location, you’ll be left with a mess to clean up, and you’ll likely have no idea where it all came from or who caused it!

Installing a new drain is not a simple task, but if you follow our guide, we believe you’ll be able to complete it without too much difficulty. At the very least, we hope this information is useful!

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