How To Use An Old-Fashioned Can Opener

How to use an old-fashioned can opener. One of the staples that every kitchen should have is a can opener. It’s a little kitchen tool designed to pierce the top of a tin can, allowing you to peel it back and access the food inside easily.

There are wide varieties on the market, and all serve the same purpose – but there are some key distinctions between them, like whether or not they cut completely around the lid or just puncture a hole.

Some openers slide under the cover while others rotate around it. In any case, it’s important to know which option is best suited for your needs so that when there is a need, they’re easily within reach in your kitchen utensil drawer!

How To Use An Old-Fashioned Can Opener

How To Use An Old-Fashioned Can Opener

We will discuss here the steps of using the old-fashioned can opener.

Step 1: Placed the Can on the Table

With the can placed on a table or countertop, place the turner on the edge of the lid of a can with a knife-like object.

Then apply gentle force while sliding it into the side of the cover. Hold down as you slide until you hear a click to confirm that it’s successfully punctured through, then rotate repeatedly to complete any necessary cuts until you can lift open the lid completely!

Step 2: Hold the Can Tightly

Always use protection when doing this because you don’t want to get hurt. Ensure that you have a firm grasp on the can, even if the blade is dull or not sharp enough to meet the extreme standards.

If you’re unsure about doing it yourself, have someone assist you in holding the can tight while you work on your blade until you’ve gained enough practice and feel confident doing it.

Step 3: Push Down the Blade

Applying downward pressure on the opener in the first step and making sure the blade section is pointing down.

While having the ability to open one’s canned goods is a wonderful thing, the design genius behind the canned food packaging should not be neglected.

The ability to make slices on all sides of the product once it has been opened is undoubtedly a wonderful way to gain access to all portions at any time.

Step 4: Open the Can by Opener

Open the Can by Opener

Open the can by maneuvering an appropriate opener along its edges, similar to how a seesaw works in an up and down motion.

Use these motions along the edge of the pull ring’s contact with the product. Please be aware that your can may be sharp all around.

So take extra precautions to avoid any touch with this sensitive area by keeping your hands away from entirely opening your goods to use.


What did the first can opener look like?

The original beer can opener was a sickle-like instrument inserted into the tops of cans and swung around their edges to puncture them.

A waiter or waitress then used the holes to pour out the contents of the can into a glass for the customer over ice.

What does a church-key can opener look like?

A hasp found on gates or doors is known as a church-key. You may use your church key as a tool to pry two holes into the top of your pineapple juice can and then enjoy it freshly opened.

Originally, church keys were used to unlock bottles, but they are now commonly used to open beer kegs or larger vessels carrying liquids.


How to use an old-fashioned can opener. A can opener is a must-have item in any well-equipped kitchen. If you don’t have your can opener, you can end up disappointing food.

If you take proper care of it, your canned food will provide you with many years of great meals.

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