Instant Pot Not Showing Timer

Instant pot not showing timer. When it comes to cooking, instant pots are wonderful and efficient. Indeed, they are a total game-changer in the kitchen!

They allow you to prepare delicious meals without worrying about cutting corners or wasting time in the name of saving money. They cook just like a full-size oven and can handle almost any task you throw at them.

However, sometimes these appliances refuse to cooperate with even the simplest tasks, such as working their timer function.

The troubleshooting section at the end of this document will offer insight into how you can fix your broken instant pot timer.

Instant Pot Not Showing Timer

instant pot not showing timer 2022 fix

We will discuss here the most common reason the instant pot’s timer stops working these issues.

1. Not Plugged in Properly

When your instant pot timer isn’t starting, use the PowerPoint on the side of your pot to check if you’ve correctly plugged in the power cord.

The plug is often loose and not fully connected to the pot, preventing electricity from reaching the device. Ensure that there are no defective parts before turning your pot back on again for it not to burn out again.

2. Blown Fuse

Instant pot provides a fuse in every one of its products that are supposed to help protect the circuit from extreme conditions. This is an extremely important function when it comes to safety.

If the fuse ever becomes compromised at any point, it may become impossible for your device to power on, and you’ll be left with a soupy mess!

You must replace the original fuse with a new one as soon as possible to get back to your regularly scheduled cooking.

3. Inconsistent Power Flow

If your power connections are insufficient, it might affect the pressure cooker. Because the pressure cooker depends on power, you cannot switch it on if the relationship is somehow inconsistent.

If your power connections have dropouts that cause a fluctuating current, the timer will not function.

4. No Connection

It’s important to have a functional power connection with your instant pot. If your power is not working properly, it will be difficult to start the timer of your instant pot.

In such a scenario, ensure your energy is running uninterrupted, and then check if you can use the timer to start the instant pot.

5. Water is Taking Time to Heat

If your instant pot is not working, it could be because the water still has a ways to go in heating up. When cooking for 20 minutes, it will usually take some time before the heating kicks in.

And since the water still has more to go before getting hot enough for cooking, your timer will not go off until everything is sufficiently heated.


How can I get the Instant Pot to display the time?

Wait for 10 seconds; after three beeps (or sooner), the Instant Pot display will say “On.” The cycle begins when it reaches pressure.

The Instant Pot should get pressure within 7-17 minutes, depending on the cook time setting. Once the Instant Pot comes under pressure, wait for five beeps and another 24 minutes to finish cooking.

Why is Instant Pot not coming under pressure?

If your sealing ring is missing or contains debris, it will not reach the proper seal. If the lid is missing or includes debris, the pressure cooker will not close.

If floating objects are in your pot’s water chamber, the float valve will not function correctly and cause the range to shoot steam when it shouldn’t.


Instant pots are amazing items to have in your kitchen, but they come with issues. The first is that they’re fairly new to the marketplace, so there will be continued research into ways to make this product even better.

Secondly, it seems that everyone and their neighbor has one, so there is a good chance that you might have similar problems others face through reading product reviews and other publications. If you find yourself faced with minor problems, don’t panic because these common issues are easy to deal with and quickly resolved with minimal effort.

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