Is A Crockpot Dishwasher Safe

Is a crockpot dishwasher safe. Washing and cleaning appliances can be a pain. You can easily lose your patience with the whole process sometimes.

You can choose to hand wash dishes or put them in the dishwasher, but you might want to get a few extra pairs of hands around just in case.

However, cleaning crockpots is trickier than figuring out what is or isn’t safe to put in the wash box. The main problem here is that it looks like an innocent little pot, but once you open it up, there are all these inner nooks and crannies sure to require thorough scrubbing!

A crockpot’s ceramic bowl also requires special care, so ensure you handle it carefully, especially when removing food and water from the inside.

Is A Crockpot Dishwasher Safe

is a crockpot dishwasher safe 2022 guide

Your crockpot is unsafe to use in the dishwasher because it has electrical components.

It’s probably safe to wash your crockpot’s lid and other parts that don’t have electrical components in the dishwasher, but you will have to separate those pieces of their base, so they are washed on their own.

Components of a Crockpot That Can Go In a Dishwasher

The crockpot can have some dishwasher-safe parts, but others require special care when cleaning.


You can detach a lid from a dishwasher-safe crockpot or slow cooker and put it in the dishwasher. It would help if you waited to place the cover inside your dishwasher until it had adequate time to cool down.

Allow your pot lid to cool off slowly before placing it in the dishwasher so that you aren’t accidentally causing thermal shock inside the appliance and thus potentially breaking your crockpot’s lid!

Removable Stoneware Pots or Bowls

Detaching the top of your crockpot, or hatch as it’s known in some countries makes cleaning easy because you can pop both pieces right into the dishwasher.

Just make sure to cool it down before cleaning to avoid any damage/breakage caused by thermal shock.


If any of your slow cooker’s accessories, like thermometers and stirrers, are removable, check your user manual to see if they can be washed in a dishwasher.

If so, wash these items by hand. Most dishwashers today use a powerful amount of water pressure to clean the dishes inside them.

Since these accessories are often made from plastic or other materials that aren’t waterproof, washing them in a dishwasher may damage them over time.


Are Multicookers Dishwasher Safe?

Some of the parts of your multicooker like the steam valve and the lid are not dishwasher or microwave safe, but they can be cleaned manually to prevent damage and malfunction in the unit.

The condensation collecting container is dishwasher safe as it is made of plastic and nylon. But there may be an increased risk of melting if put into a heated dryer.

Is the crockpot machine dishwasher safe?

After unplugging your slow cooker, allow it to cool completely. Remove the lid and any other removable parts before washing with soap in warm water.

Those that have stoneware inserts are supposed to be able to monitor these by hand because of their non-removable nature – however, if you feel more comfortable disassembling the whole thing, go for it!


When you clean a crockpot, it sometimes gets some sticky and difficult stains that are hard to remove. Dishwashing liquid is one safe method of cleaning your crockpot. You can also use another solution to help take off the tough stains, which might seem like they aren’t coming off at first.

Nevertheless, if you have certain issues with believing the cleaning results, then try cleaning it with baking soda and vinegar or freezer bags of ice cubes to help soften the burnt food that is on it. The best part about crockpots today is there are so many different choices about making an ultimate choice in getting your next one used!

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