Kenmore Oven Control Board Problem

Kenmore oven control board problem. The oven control board is a standard feature of modern electric ovens, and its primary role is to control the flow of energy into the various heating components of the appliance.

The control board allows you to adjust how hot your oven becomes and ensures that you may set the exact temperature you require for cooking.

The control board was created to detect a wide range of difficulties within your oven, so even if you’re not sure something is wrong with it, give it a brief test now and then to see if any troubles arise.

Kenmore Oven Control Board Problem

kenmore oven control board problem 2022 guide

We will describe the steps to solve the problem of the Oven Control Board.

Step 1: Turn Off the Breaker

To remove the touchpad on a wall-mounted oven, turn off the main breaker box, open the door and unscrew the screws underneath the electronic metal panel at the back of the stove.

To remove a touchpad from a free-standing oven, unplug it, pry off a conference where you can see wires, and disconnect a ribbon linking the touchpad to its electronic board.

Step 2: Replace the Touchpad

Replace the oven control panel in its original location. Temporarily turn on the oven to check for any trouble codes on the display panel.

Check for any flaws and fix them if needed. If there are no difficulties after temporarily turning on the touchpad, replace it.

Furthermore, it is recommended that you turn off the rest period sequence because if you turn off the oven and then turn it back on before finishing this process.

It will start over with a new range of digitized values beeping through your eardrums, annoying you and tempting you to bang your head against a wall in frustration!

Step 3: Remove the Multi-pin Plug

If your oven doesn’t switch on despite the error code, try reconnecting the ribbon as the last option. If this doesn’t work, there’s still something else you may try to solve the problem.

Remove the multi-pin plug from the rear of your oven’s control panel after unplugging or turning off the main breaker. Pins 6 and 8 should be identified using your wiring schematic.

Test the values on these two pins with an ohm meter. Check for continuity or an open circuit while ostensibly looking for resistance, and record all results in a logbook.

Step 4: Check the Readings

In the instance of a touchpad failure, if the oven control board registers 900 to 1200 Ohms, the main temperature sensor has failed.

If this is the case, the primary temperature sensor must be replaced; otherwise, a new oven control board is required if the resistance is between 900 and 1200 Ohms.

Touchpads can be reused as long as they haven’t been burned out, in which case they won’t operate.


What causes control boards in ovens to fail?

Power surge damage is a common cause of electronic oven control board failure. A nearby lightning strike typically generates a power surge during an electric storm or when a utility provider tries to alleviate the load on the electrical grid but overshoots it.

Windstorms, which damage electrical lines and cause massive outages that overload local grids, can also cause the latter.

Is it worth it to repair the oven?

Repairing an old oven for an extended period might be costly. If your oven breaks down frequently and you have to replace parts or hire someone to fix it, it could be a better idea to get a new one and save the money you’d spend on repairs.


We hope the tips we’ve shared will help you learn how to troubleshoot your oven on your own. We know that some problems may have been hard to diagnose and repair, but keeping the proper safety precautions in mind should ensure that your oven continues to work well for many years!

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