Microwave On Top Of Fridge

Microwave on top of fridge. Due to their limited space, owners of tiny kitchens express interest in whether a microwave can be placed on top of a refrigerator.

A dryer might be placed on top of a washing machine, and a microwave could be placed on top of a refrigerator, according to the argument that, in this case, every centimeter counts.

You’re going to learn if this combination is safe as a result. In terms of how appliances interact, it is technically acceptable to place a microwave over a refrigerator.

If you ensure proper ventilation, for example, by giving the microwave its legs to stand on instead of just putting it over the fridge directly where no holes for ventilation exist, then you should be alright!

Microwave On Top Of Fridge

Microwave On Fridge

When putting your microwave oven on top of your refrigerator, follow these rule:

1. Place Wooden Plate Between them

Installing a microwave above a refrigerator can be difficult and dangerous for your appliances and yourself.

We recommend you place a wooden plate (whether made of wood or MDF) between the two to protect the lower instrument from any damage that the microwave could cause.

2. Place on the Stand

If there are no lower ventilation holes, the microwave should be placed on a stand as it would require more air to cool down, eventually leading to potential fire hazards.

Besides, it is not good to remember devices close together as both could “interfere” with one another’s microwaves causing them to malfunction. Air vents help with such issues.

3. Consider the Refrigerator’s Height

If your microwave is placed higher, you won’t be able to heat a bowl of soup inside it. Open microwave oven doors should be at chest level or lower, and room height is important.

There should be at least 20 cm of space between the microwave oven and the ceiling and 15 cm from the surrounding walls to other household appliances, furniture, or walls.

4. Verify that the Refrigerator is not Vibrating

It is critical to check that the refrigerator is not vibrating before installing a new microwave oven. Pay attention to any vibration coming from the appliance.

If there is a significant quantity, level the cabinet or, if possible, add anti-vibration strips under the cabinet’s legs.

Cleaning the instrument with a soft cloth or sponge soaked in warm water before installing a microwave oven will help remove any particles (dust, fingerprint oil, etc.) that could stain the surface, making it look unclean and unsightly.


Can You Place a Microwave atop a Refrigerator?

You can put your microwave on top of your fridge, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind before making a decision.

Where you put the microwave will depend on how much space you have, where you think it would be better situated and how often you use the device.

What Amount of Weight Can You Place Upon a Refrigerator?

Your refrigerator doesn’t need a certain weight to stay in place, but it shouldn’t be less than 15 kg or more than 20 kg.

This gives you the space within your fridge below to store other items and feel like everything is within reach, in addition to allowing you to keep your microwave on top of the refrigerator without any issues.


Microwaves are generally safe if placed on top of a refrigerator. Be aware, however, of the possible dangers that could occur with such appliances as microwave ovens.

Just because they can be used at home safely doesn’t mean their usage is risk-free! Make sure you read our other safety articles and tips for more information about how to stay safe in your home.

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