My Microwave Is Not Heating

My microwave is not heating. If your microwave oven seems to heat unevenly, you may have a cooking problem.

The reasons for this can vary and are sometimes not anything a customer could fix but issues with the manufacturer or design of the Microwave itself.

In this case, our certified technicians can diagnose any problems specific to your device. There might also be a cooking tray if your Microwave has one that needs replacing.

My Microwave Is Not Heating

my microwave is not heating issue 2022

Here are some quick tips that might help you determine why your Microwave isn’t getting as hot as it should.

1. Check the Door Switch on the Microwave

The Microwave Door Switch is just like a doorbell but less annoying. It alerts you when the Microwave has been opened and it’s time for your frozen burrito to stop rotating around in circles.

If this switch stops working, the Microwave may look like it’s doing its job with the fan still rotating and the heated coils still glowing red, but your food will never get warm – though you won’t realize it until 2 or 3 frozen burritos later.

2. Check the High Voltage Diode

If your microwave oven fails to heat, you may have an issue with the high-voltage diode or rectifier. High voltage diodes create a high voltage that powers the magnetron. Reattach the power and discharge the high voltage capacitor to avoid an electric shock. Test continuity of diodes with a multi-meter.

Diodes are polarity specific, and they will be tested on both ends. It needs to be replaced if it shows low resistance in both directions or no continuity at all.

3. Check The Magnetron

If the Microwave isn’t heating well, you could have a problem with the magnetron. This component is part of the high voltage circuit that provides microwaves that generate heat.

If the magnetron is defective, your unit will blow a fuse, or other courses may still work. Start by removing the Microwave’s cabinet.

Disconnect the power and discharge any high voltage capacitors to prevent electrical shock. You can then locate and remove your Microwave’s magnetron (high voltage transformer).


How long does a microwave last on average?

The average microwave oven lasts around seven years. Still, with heavy usage and poor maintenance, they can easily be expected to last less than four, with a large family relying on them heavily in the kitchen.

There are also many different microwaves, from two-slice to six-slice variations. Typically families with more people use microwaves more often, so you might want to consider purchasing one that will allow you not to replace it as often if you have a larger family.

What is the price of a magnetron?

It replaced a microwave magnetron and cost around $150-$250. It includes a part price of $75 to $150 and a technician’s labor charges of $50 to $100.

The primary component that produces heat for the appliance is the magnetron. Magnetrons are typically found in microwaves and other power generation equipment that works with alternating currents.


My microwave is not heating. Microwaves have become a living necessity for many of us. If a microwave is unavailable, we feel like we’re missing out on much of our daily life. That’s why it’s terrible when microwaves as they’re so integral to our convenience in the kitchen!

Thankfully, there are several simple maintenance steps people can take if that unfortunate happens, and we hope this guide has supplied you with some tips on what you can do next time your Microwave breaks down – but only attempt those methods if you’ve got some confidence in yourself or if you know exactly what you’re doing.

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