Outer Oven Door Glass Replacement

Outer oven door glass replacement. The bifold door design on this oven not only looks great, but it’s also designed to make it easy for you to check on the progress of your food without having to open the full door.

However, accidents happen, and sometimes the glass in these doors breaks. Luckily replacing an oven door is inexpensive and doesn’t require any heavy lifting.

Popular home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s sell various replacement parts at reasonable prices, and you can even install them yourself with just a few simple tools!

These replacement doors are made from tempered glass-like like car windshields.

Outer Oven Door Glass Replacement

Replace Outer Oven Door Glass

We will discuss here the steps of replacing the oven door glass.

Step 1: Unplug the Oven

Turn off the breaker that controls the oven’s power or unplug the oven. You’ll probably be working with your hands and tools during this job, so ensure they’re protected.

Sharp edges and spilled liquids are the most dangerous things to watch out for when working on an oven, so make sure you’re wearing heavy-duty gloves, for example, to avoid these injuries!

If there are glass fragments on the floor that you don’t want anyone to foot on, ensure no one comes near them until they’ve been carefully cleaned up.

Step 2: Remove All Screws

Grab each side of the door and pull it away from the hinges. On your work table, place your door on top of some folded blankets or a mound of towels.

Remove any screws that hold the outer frame to the inner edge along the bottom half of the frame, but leave the ones on the sides in place to preserve your hinges intact.

Remove all screws that hold your handle in place from the inside, but go those on the outside alone because you’ll hang them back up when you’re through.

Pull the doorknob out of your new door by hand from beneath it. Place all screws and handles safely, so they don’t go lost while you take care of the rest of the project.

Step 3: Remove the Exposed Broken Glass

Remove the Exposed Broken Glass

Separate the glassless internal piece of the door from the outer frame. Place the interior component securely until you can replace it with another piece that does not contain any shattered glass.

Remove any exposed shattered glass jutting out of the frame while wearing gloves. Place such parts in a secure container so that no one gets injured.

Wipe the interior of the outer structure with a paper towel to ensure there isn’t anything left within that could harm someone, such as an exposed rough edge or splinter.

Before placing another piece of new glass with tabs and a gasket securely holding it, check that any silicone door gaskets – which you probably won’t need – and glass door spacers are in good shape and firmly located within their appropriate positions.

Step 4: Reinstall The Oven Door

Reassemble oven door with hinges: slide hinges over the end of a frame, insert pins into holes in hinge; position on an oven; align holes for hinges and structure, and insert screws.

Reinstall handles, aligning them with replacement screws. Reinstall the lock mechanism or remove the screwdrivers to close the repaired door.

Plug the oven back into its electrical outlet or turn on the breaker that controls the power to your oven.


Is there any particular glass required for the oven door?

If you’ve decided to invest in a glass door oven, make sure it can withstand the heat. Glass doors can be prone to easy shatter-age if they don’t have high resistance towards high temperatures.

The best choice is an oven with a stainless steel door if this is your budget!

Why do oven glass doors shatter?

Your glass door may appear to shatter spontaneously when the cause is regular appliance use over time.

Modern ovens are made with tempered glass, produced by rapidly cooling glass under very high temperatures – tempering.

So when you see small cracks in the furnace door now and then, think of it as proof that your oven can withstand a lot!


So if you find a broken glass panel in your oven door, check this information on the right replacement door. Then visit your local home improvement store to purchase the replacement panel for your oven.

As long as you have the right tools, you can easily replace the door in under an hour.

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