Oven Makes Clicking Noise

Oven makes clicking noise. Every oven will make sounds when you’re baking or broiling food.

Most of the time, these clicked sounds are a normal part of every cooking process as they help ensure that your oven has reached or maintained the proper temperature.

However, a range can also make subtle clicking noises, even in idle mode. Unless you hear a series of rapid clicks, this noise could indicate some malfunction that needs attention.

In the end, different kinds of noises each have their meaning, so it’s up to you to learn how to crack the code in terms of what it means for your appliance!

Oven Makes Clicking Noise

oven makes clicking noise 2022 fix

We will discuss here the reasons for the clicking noise of the oven.

Oven Is Moving Between Cycles

One of the most common reasons you might hear a clicking noise is that your oven moves between cycles.

While some ovens use a separate broil element, with other ovens like the one we are discussing today, there are two heating elements within one unit.

The first heating element we will discuss here today is called the bake element, and the second heating element is known as a broil element.

To move to one cycle from another on this model, one needs to hit a button that hopefully isn’t too difficult for you to reach manually, depending on where it’s placed in your kitchen space.

Air Built Up In the Lines

If your oven has not been used regularly, it may begin to make a clicking noise. This is due to all the air that has built up in the lines and needs to be cleared out.

When you turn your oven on again after not using it for several weeks or even months, your oven will have to warm up before it can start working properly.

Just like when you haven’t driven your car a few times in a row, a re-start doesn’t happen immediately, so you should also allow some time for this process.

An issue with the Ignition switch

If you try to turn on the oven and hear a continuous clicking noise, this could be an indicator that there is something wrong with your ignition switch.

Over time, repeated stress from use may cause wear and tear, leading to your oven not working as it should.

Similarly, if you notice that your gas stove produces a continuous clicking sound when trying to light the burner, this could mean there is likely an issue with your ignition switch.

It is important to note that dealing with these issues can be dangerous, as a broken gas line can result in fire or explosions.


What does it imply if your oven is turned on and making a clicking sound?

A gas oven uses gas to generate heat. Every gas oven has an igniter, a device that helps trigger the combustion reaction that makes the gas in your oven get hot enough to cook your food.

As soon as you turn on a gas oven, there will be some clicking noises as the igniter gets fired up, which is why it’s normal for you to have heard this when you turned your own on and began cooking.

What’s the deal with my stove clicking?

If sparks come out of your electrodes, your oven may have a moisture or food issue. If the food and humidity just burn away, the sparking will stop.

In some cases, though, this doesn’t happen, so you might need to take steps to resolve those issues.


Hopefully, this article has been insightful. I hope it helps you to understand why your oven is making a clicking noise and how you can stop the sound from continuing. Please feel free to share this with anyone who may find it helpful.

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