Plants On Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

Plants on top of kitchen cabinets. Potted plants above kitchen cabinets accentuate the outdoor look without hurting your budget; this is a form of decor that virtually every homeowner can afford to apply.

Watering plants is typically an easy task, and they can survive in containers that you would otherwise dispose of, such as milk jugs, pasta dishes, or ice cube trays.

However, some decorative bowls will also correctly display plants at different levels of your decor, allowing for varied diversity among groupings or all on a single story.

Plants On Top Of Kitchen Cabinets

Plants On Top Of Cabinets

We will discuss the types of plants that will make your kitchen even more beautiful.


The English Ivy herbarium has dark green leaves that are fleshier than other ivies and will grow long vines full of lush dark green leaves.

Because it grows fast, it requires lots of water, so drill a hole in the bottom of the planting container to provide extra drainage.

When caring for your herbarium, you should always monitor how much light surrounds it. Place your pot near a window with lots of sunlight to help care for the plant.


The heartleaf philodendron plant is a lovely kind that doesn’t require much space to grow in and would look great on the table or hanging from the ceiling as an accent piece.

Its dark green, heart-shaped leaves contrast nicely with other decorative plants, but it requires adequate lighting, such as being near a direct light source, to thrive because its natural shade to full sun range depends entirely on its position.


Fiddle leaf fig trees are resilient plants that thrive in various environments. They’re ideal for creating a big statement while filling up space in a drab section of your home.

They only require a sunny or somewhat sunny location; too much direct sunlight can cause them to burn! You’ll want to water it now and again, but not too frequently, and only when the soil feels dry and all the drainage holes have stopped draining, and the surplus water has gone out.



Aloe Vera is a relatively simple plant to care for, especially if you let it grow independently.

Water once every two weeks when the soil becomes dry during the hot summer. You can completely avoid watering in the winter.

Aloe Vera plants thrive in direct sunshine when outside, but they can thrive indoors or out if planted near a window or sliding glass door that doesn’t get many shadows during the day.


A perennial vine with small sphere-shaped leaves, the string of pearls plant will be sure to add an elegant touch to your kitchen decor.

It can grow in bright and low lighting conditions but performs best when grown in sunny areas, as described above. The soil should be watered thoroughly until water comes out after a few minutes.


Are plants above kitchen cabinets outdated?

Above-cabinet greenery is always in style. This is especially true if you have a green thumb and can properly care for your plants when you can’t monitor their growth, such as at night.

Ivies and spider plants are both low-maintenance plants that bring a splash of color to any space. They’re also available in pots for individuals who aren’t familiar with greenhouses and ivies or who live in areas where they aren’t allowed indoors – but you may need numerous banks as they develop.

What’s the best way to display items on top of kitchen cabinets?

When wall space isn’t available, or a focal point is needed in an unusual area, stick art of any kind to the wall near your cabinets – it’s the perfect place for a square or rectangular work of art!

Something so simple helps make your kitchen stand out from all the dull ones you see.


plants on top of kitchen cabinets. We hope you enjoyed our blog about kitchen cabinet plans. With this knowledge, we know that you can make the most of your kitchen space and decorate to your heart’s content.

This article will help you make your kitchen more attractive.

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