Power Button Flashing On Ninja Blender

Power button flashing on Ninja blender. One main thing that separates a power light from normal light is its purpose.

Power lights are supposed to remind you that something important is draining your energy, be it an electrical appliance such as a blender or an item like a computer system.

When watching any Ninja blender, it’s important to pay attention to this particular indicator because if it blinks incessantly, it could mean that your product is on its last legs or something more serious requires immediate attention.

In addition to being extremely annoying and distracting visually, blinding flashes can ruin your overall experience in one way or another by disturbing other users or simply causing the power source to drain way too quickly for things to work properly.

Power Button Flashing On Ninja Blender

power button flashing on ninja blender 2022 fix

Here is a list of the most common reasons why your Ninja blender may be blinking, along with how to fix each one.


When your Blender overheats, the power light will start flashing red to signify that it needs to cool down.

During this time, you may also see smoke coming from around the base of your pitcher.

This can be dangerous if you continue to use it while it’s overheating because one could burn themselves or damage other parts of the unit if care is not taken to allow it to rest for 10-30 minutes before continuing use of the Blender.

Lid Not Seated Properly

The second most common reason for the Ninja blender power light blinking is because the lid becomes loose and unseated while running, which will remove power from the machine to ensure your safe use.

If you notice that the power light is flashing red, it’s first necessary for you to reseat your lid tightly on top of both halves of the pitcher!

After placing your pitcher back onto its base, be sure that you hear a loud click sound letting you know that your pitcher is now safely secure.

You may also have to reseat your lid a few times before it’s properly seated if there isn’t a reassuring click that lets you know everything is all right.

Arrows not Properly Aligned

If your Ninja blender’s power light is blinking, it may be due to you improperly aligning the arrow on your pitcher with the hands-on both halves of the device.

To properly align these two features, turn off your Blender and ensure that you’ve turned the arrow so that it points between both circles on both parts of your pitcher. Now, turn back on your Ninja blender and attempt to use it again.

Blender Needs Cleaning

clean the blender

When your Blender might flash its power light, look at the maker’s area where both parts of the pitcher meet together.

Then, if you see something lodged underneath, such as food scraps or other objects, be sure to fish them out so the appliance will work properly again!

Carefully remove everything that’s stuck under those blades; otherwise, further damage might be done to your ninja machine, which may require professional servicing.


What Is the Purpose of My Ninja Blender Blinking?

In brief, your Ninja blender’s power buttons will blink when the pitcher lid is turned the wrong way. As a result, ensure the pitcher’s handles are pointing outward on both sides.

Before using your Blender, ensure that all of its pieces have been correctly installed and are firmly in place since if they are not, your Blender will not turn on properly.

Is There A Reset Button On The Ninja Blender?

No, your Ninja Blender does not have a dedicated “power” button. Unlike the other appliances in your kitchen that have one, such as your microwave or the dishwasher.

You cannot put them into or extract them from a “standby” status using any special series of keys on the control panel.


A Ninja is a powerful appliance, not something you want to break, especially if it’s the power button. If your Blender ever has an issue, by all means, follow our fixes for blinking problems. However, many things could cause the light to flash, such as overloading it with ingredients or spinning too fast in case of blending soups, so this guide should help you troubleshoot any issues you may have. It’s not always easy to fix a broken appliance.

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