Water Is Coming Back Up The Kitchen Sink

Water is coming back up the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink can be an essential piece of the home used regularly for cleaning and food preparation.

Unfortunately, because it’s in such high-traffic areas, the sink may get backed up from time to time which can impede your productivity in the kitchen.

In most cases, the clog is usually located inside junction pipes in the wall that connects to your household water supply lines.

With certain types of sinks, such as a basin or a double bowl sink, there often aren’t additional drain connections, and therefore this causes drain backups more frequently.

Water Is Coming Back Up The Kitchen Sink

Water Is Coming in The Kitchen Sink

Here are a few common reasons why there is water backing up in the kitchen sink:

1. Kitchen Sink Pipes are Clogged

In some sink trap designs, even the U-shaped trap can get clogged. That is why it is recommended that you try using a plumbing snake every six months to remove any buildup in your sink waste pipe.

This will help maintain good drainage in the trap and ensure that anything getting caught in the U-bend of your waste pipe is dislodged and moved down into the trap where it belongs!

If, after using a snake, you still find that your kitchen sink continues to clog, then there are other more drastic steps to take, such as installing an ejector pump that helps prevent backflow when surface water gets pushed into the drains by the use of air pressure.

2. Dishwasher is too Powerful

This usually happens because your kitchen sink is installed above the dishwasher. When the machine runs, all that water must go somewhere.

The device uses a strong pump to send the water out, and some of it will end up coming back up into the kitchen sink.

This tends to happen when people replace their old dishwasher with one that pushes more water out at once than the original did, which sends more liquid back to your sink.

3. Main Drain Line is Clogged

The highest drains in your plumbing system are the sink drains. If you have a problem with your main pipes, the symptoms may appear in other parts of your property before affecting your kitchen sink.

Water backing up in this scenario typically indicates that whatever was blocking the pipe was related to your sink’s system.

Working to resolve any maintenance difficulties that may have arisen due to grease or mold accumulation will help you avoid such concerns in the future, allowing you to start fresh!


What causes water to back up in the kitchen sink?

The food and grease that accumulates in your sink can eventually find its way to your main kitchen line, eventually building up inside the drain line and coating it. This will lead to a restricted water flow and backups into your sink.

What does it indicate when the water level rises again?

You should be concerned if you notice water coming up through the plug hole. When water from your drainage system starts to back up into your sink, it’s a symptom that your drainage system is clogged. The most likely cause is that something has become trapped somewhere along the process, preventing everything from flowing as it should.


Water backing up in your home’s drainage system can be scary since it looks like your sink might be flooding, and you could lose all over the house.

However, don’t panic! This common occurrence in residential plumbing isn’t always a sign of something serious going on.

We’ve outlined below what you can expect from clogged drains and how the issue should be handled, so please read through this short article before deciding what to do next.

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