Why does my air fryer smell so bad

Why does my air fryer smell so bad. The air fryer is a revolutionary kitchen appliance that uses hot air to fry food items with little to no oil.

This healthier alternative to deep frying has become a popular choice for people who want to enjoy their favorite fried foods without all the excess calories and fat.

Air Fryer has a heating mechanism in which hot air runs through its top section due to the fan. Food is placed inside the basket, Air Fryer is turned on, and hot air rushes down and around the food, making it crispy and crunchy without any oil, which makes it far easier and more convenient than deep frying.

Why does my air fryer smell so bad

Why does my air fryer smell so bad 2022 guide

When running, an air fryer emits a whiff of food-seasoned oil, but opening a window will be enough to negate the smell.

An air fryer smells more like regular oven cooking than the greasy odor that comes from deep frying.

The air fryer can smell due to some coating, overheating, damaged power cord, improper cleaning, or food leftover. The only way you can be sure is after detailed troubleshooting of the appliance.

How to get Rid of burning smell:

Poor appliance maintenance is the major reason behind the smell coming out of your air fryer. Let’s cover all the factors one by one.

  • Coating
  • Damaged power cord
  • Overheating
  • Improper cleaning
  • Food leftover

1. Protective Coating

The process of an air fryer being delivered from the factory it was created to the store you eventually purchase it from is a long one. Air fryers have a long journey from factory to store.

This can affect their internal components and the metal inside the chamber, which makes them unusable. To prevent this, air fryers are usually coated with a little food-grade oil that protects them from scratching and other minor damage.

There might be a chance that your air fryer might be emitting this smell due to the protective coating, and it could wear out with time. Let your air fryer runs a couple of times to get it to settle down.

2. Damaged Power Cord

Damaged Power Cord

Electrical wires are usually made In protective coating made with hard end material, but sometimes they get damaged due to being badly tangled; storing in tight spaces or pressing at a certain angle can be enough to damage a wire.

Wires can get damaged with time and start to fail slowly. Damaged wire can become a reason for short circuits.

If your air fryer is running but has a bad smell coming from your power cord, this might be a reason for the damaged wire. Don’t use such kind of appliance and immediately get a replacement.

Replace your cord with a new one. You can find the right replacement for your specific model and make it by searching for some service providers online.

3. Improper cleaning

If you don’t clean your air fryer after every use, the burning smell is likely from food particles left on the bottom. Make sure to clean your basket and cooking chamber properly to avoid this. Your appliance should be in proper hygienic condition.

Use soaking warm water to remove those food particles which are hard to remove. To further disinfect it, use vinegar in your soaking solution.

4. Overheating


If burning plastic smells strong, your appliance may be overheating. A failing heating element is one possible reason for this problem.

The smell isn’t only annoying and dangerous; it could blow up a thermal fuse inside your appliance and reduce its lifespan.

Stop your air fryer immediately to avoid further damage. If you’re having trouble with your air fryer, a good first step is to unplug it and let it cool down.

Open the screws from its plastic lid and find your heating element. Test it with a multimeter for continuity; if you see no continuity, the item needs replacement.

5. Food leftover on the heating element

The food particles that blow around your air fryer’s chamber can stick to its components and build up over time. Eventually, they burn out the heating element with time.

Monthly maintenance of your heating element can not only get rid of this smell, but it can increase your appliance lifespan as well.


Do not allow unpleasant burning smells to drive you away from your air fryer. After all, an appliance designed to cook delicious foods conveniently should be nothing but pleasing to the senses. The most important thing to remember is to unplug your air fryer before performing any repairs. Accidents can be avoided by letting it cool completely. To prevent more damage, please call a technician immediately if you have any questions.

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